Singer vs Brother (Which company is better?)

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If you are looking for a sewing machine that offers the best value for its price, you must come across two of the best sewing machine companies, Singer and Brother. In fact, when you go to Amazon, you will find that these two brands are best sellers and have top ratings.

Do you doubt? Just check the Amazon bestsellers in sewing machine category and you will know that these two dominate the top ten best sewing machines. From beginner to advanced level, these machines are made to suit all your sewing needs making them the most popular sewing machine brands at the moment.

General comparison of the Singer and Brother brands

Both Brother and Singer are known for making top-notch sewing machines. In addition they also have amazing support channels that are easy to use.

Their popularity makes it easy for you to have the machine made by any of these companies, easily repaired. Consequently, their accessories are also easy to find. They have more or less the same price points that are reasonable enough for the home sewer.

History of Singer

As a company, Singer began making sewing machines from the 1850s. Their sewing machines were popular for their reliability and were passed down for generations.

Even though the company faced challenges in the 1960s and 1970s, it was able to come up again after ending up in the hands of a major corporation that also owns Husqvarna and Pfaf companies.

History of Brother

Previously known as the Yasui Sewing Machine Company, Brother Company has been in the business of sewing machines since the year 1908. Brother Company adopted its name in the year 1962 and ever since, the company has been making quality sewing machines. Brother also manufactures other home electronics.

Quality comparison

Both of these brands use a lot of plastic in their sewing machines nowadays. Plastic is a part of the modern times. The good thing al=bout using plastic is that some of the sewing machines are now portable. Both of these companies make very good sewing machines for people on the low budget so you don’t have to worry about spending fortunes just so you can get a good machine.

However, Brother is the brand you should pick when looking for an affordable machine that still has more features.

Singer 9960

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit, Extension Table - 600 Stitches & Electronic Auto Pilot Mode

With this machine, you can embroider, carry out a monogramming task and stitch practically anything and still do a lot more. Singer 9960 boasts of a catchy and compact appearance that makes it look classy. It has an outstanding 600 in-built stitch patterns including 5 alphanumeric fonts and 13 fully automatic 1 step button holes. With this sewing machine, the list of projects that you can do is endless as well as the stitch pattern to use.

The amazing thing about this machine is that even though it has vast accessories and stitch patterns, it is still reasonably priced. It also features an exclusive button hole under plate, mirror imaging options, and stitch elongation that provides the necessary options to customize sewing projects. With the inbuilt stitch editing capabilities, you can control the exact look of a stitch pattern.

Even though at the first instance, you may find this machine to be complicated, with regular use, you will be a pro in no time. The only downside is that you have to forget about constantly moving it around because its weight won’t allow it.

Key features

  • 600 built-in-stitches
  • Easy threading system
  • 13 button hole styles
  • 7mm stitch width
  • 17.6 lbs. weight
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Elongation and mirror imaging function
  • Needle Up and Down Button
  • Maximum speed control lever
  • Top drop-in bobbin


  • Easy threading system
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Bobbin system with clear cover
  • Easy to load bobbin system
  • 13 button hole styles that perfectly sized and fully automatic
  • Extension table
  • Durable as it has a heavy duty interior metal frame
  • Extension table


  • Heavy
  • Complicated at first

Brother PC420PRW Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine with 3 Built-In Lettering Styles, and Carrying Case

Perfect for the professional, Brother PC420PRW sewing machine has all the features that will perfectly suit a professional sewer. The computerized machine delivers a couture-level consistent stitch quality and it also has a complete 11 presser feet as well as a full set of accessories and a hard case.

In addition, this sewing machine from Brother, offers customization and precision that provides you with an opportunity to get imaginative and creative with any project that you may have. With its programmable custom-stitch full options and 294 stitch styles, you can not only stitch but also do a lot more.

Whether you want to efficiently and effectively complete projects such as pillows, blankets, napkins or bed cover clothing, this machine will do it perfectly. Brother PC420 is able to handle all types of materials from tricot and nylon to light leather and upholstery fabrics.

However, as a sewing machine of professional grade, the left positioning of the needle makes sewing a tedious exercise and it will take time before you to adjust and adapt to this position. To add, the use of the screw driver to change the walking tool will cause you a little discomfort.

Key features

  • 294 inbuilt stitches
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • LCD display
  • Metal frame construction
  • Dual Lighting System
  • Speed control
  • My custom stitch feature
  • One handed threading system
  • Exceptional feeding system
  • Pressure adjustment


  • Adjustable pressure
  • Speed control
  • Couture-level stitch quality
  • A hard case


  • Manually adjusted thread tension
  • No extension table

Comparison of the models

  • While the Singer 9960 model features 600 stitch patterns, the Brother PC420PRW model only has 294 stitch patterns.
  • The Singer 9960 model has an extension table while the Brother PC420PRW model has no extension table
  • The Brother model has a manually adjusted thread extension while the Singer model has an automatic thread adjustment feature
  • The singer model also has a lot more features compared to the Brother model
  • They both have an LCD screen
  • The Brother model has a custom stitch feature while the Singer 9960 does not have this feature


Since both Singer and Brother are excellent brands, you should consider the following when deciding which one to pick is; if you need a warranty repair, are you going to find a place near you for that purpose? In case you need to repair your machine, who in your area can do it? Do you have particular preferences?

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