What Is Sashing On A Quilt? (Meaning of the term)

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If you are familiar with quilts and you have come across several of them, then you must have seen sashing on some of them. Sashing on a quilt can best be described as the frames that separate the quilt box.

When putting sashing on a quilt, you need to know how to differentiate between sashing with cornerstones and one with none. That will help you with sewing your sashing because there is a particular way through which each sashing needs to be embroidered.

When picking the right sashing to use, you should note that the nature of your quilt blocks should help you decide the best color to use.

Why use sashing on a quilt?

One of the main benefits of sashing is that they will provide more decoration to your quilt work hence increasing its value. The kind of patchwork left behind when quilt blocks are sewed together may not look attractive.

That is because the patchwork can have irregularities due to the shape and size of the quilt blocks. Using sashing, you can cover up the ugly thread work that holds the quilt blocks together.

As mentioned, joining quilt blocks can have irregular patchwork, and this can lead to some square blocks being larger or smaller. To give your quilt an excellent finish, you can use sashing to square up the poorly shaped square blocks. Sashing will also help you keep everything compact and make your quilt easy to handle.

How can one learn to sew sashing on quilts?

Quilting has been around for many years, and it is an activity that was meant for women. Today, some women make quilts as a career, while some make these fabrics to be used at home.

That means the knowledge and skills for sashing on a quilt it readily available if you can access the right person. Additionally, there are several tutorial videos on the internet that you can use to learn about sashing.

The best thing about these videos is that they allow you to learn step by step with the freedom of rewinding in case you miss something.

To become the best when it comes to sashing on a quilt, you need a lot of practice unless you are ready to take in negative reviews about your hard work. It is also crucial that you get the right tools for the job. Some people make quilts using their hands while others use sewing machines. Whichever you prefer, ensure that the sashing is well sewed incorrectly.


Now that you understand what sashing is, you know that you took them for granted as part of the quilt, not knowing their importance. When picking the right fabric design or color for your quilt, know that you are not restricted to match the sashing with the rest of the quilt. That is because they act as barriers to the quilt blocks.

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