How to Make a Silk Flower (Step by step instructions)

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Silk flowers are artificial flowers basically made from silk. This kind of artistry was adopted centuries ago as a poor alternative to real flowers. With its origin in China and later Italy, the humble beginning of these faux flowers has evolved to establish a million dollar industry.

The adoption of these flowers has gained popularity in weddings, special events and as home décor. This is due to their versatility, low maintenance, realism and durability. They are available in single flowers to grandiose arrangements.

Silk flower is made using polyester. It is fiber made from petroleum-based products. This means it can melt to be reformed again. It is cheap, long lasting and absorbs dye easily. This makes it the best choice for making faux flowers.

The faux flowers are created to resemble real flowers through touch and even color. You can easily get them in different varieties. They include:

  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Daisies
  • Dahlias
  • Magnolias
  • Amaryllis
  • Tulips

The list is endless to what polyester can be can be transformed into. You can create your own creative pieces and make them a center piece in your home, office or as gift. It is a DIY project that will utilize scrap fabrics around your home.

1. Get your silk ready

You can choose fabric in any color you want. You can also mix different colors to get a unique and more realistic aesthetic. Play around with colors. Do this until you are satisfied with the combination.

2. Starch the fabric

This step is optional but recommended to make the silk stiffer and less resistant to dirt. Rice starch is the best since it gives off pure white color. Corn starch is readily available and cheap. If you don’t have starch then skip this step.

3. Dye it

If you are working with a white fabric or you are not happy with the color of your selected fabric, just dye it. You will need fabric dye or silk paints. For a more realistic and dark look, mix a bit of fabric medium into your dye.

Add shades of different color with silk paints by using a paint brush. Get a real flower that resembles the one you are making for inspiration. This will result in a more lifelike flower.

4. Cut out the petals

The petals can be cut into any shape. This will depend on the kind of flower you want to make. For lilacs, four petals are required. You can be as creative as you wish and cut the petals in different shapes and sizes.

Consider using a template on the petals. This will save you time and you will get petals that are similar in shape. Another great idea is using the petals of a plastic flower as template.

5. Use a candle

This technique is used to sear the edges of your flower petals. Light a candle and hold the petals just close enough to the flame so that it curls slightly. Sear it all round to produce realistic petals. Be careful not to burn the fabric more so since you are working with a delicate fabric.

6. Start stitching

Take one petal and roll it horizontally. Hold it at the bottom then use a needle and thread to secure the petal. Add another petal and make a whip stitch at the base. Begin this process with the smallest petals.

Keep adding the larger petals as you go overlapping them. This will create a more natural flower in the end. Continue this process until all the petals are over.

If you don’t have needle and thread for sewing the petals, then you can utilize fabric glue. It will give you the same results.

7. Tie a knot

If you are satisfied with the silk flower you have created, finish it off by tying the thread and secure the bottom of the flower. Make the flowers more realistic by adding stamen using floral wire and paint. Also remember to add the sepal with a different color of silk, mostly green.

8. Make a stem

A flower is not complete without a stem. For this part, gather some floral wires with the correct gauge. They should not be too thin or too thick. Measure it out and cut a reasonable length. Drive the wire through the petals and secure it with fabric glue.

Wrap the wire with green floral tape or green crepe paper for a finished look. An alternative to floral wires is buying fake flowers and utilizing their stems. You can buy these plastic flowers cheaply at your local store and it will save you a ton of work. Add some leaves on the stem if you can.

Take Home Message

Once you are done making your flowers, take the time to arrange them into a vase and enjoy them. You can also make a bouquet for a wedding ceremony or make a wreath. However you use them, they will always stand out.

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