Is Sewing Hard? (It really depends on a lot of factors!)

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Sewing is among the earliest forms of textile arts and is among the most commonly used to date. The practice involves using a needle and thread to make stitches with the aim of holding two pieces together. So is sewing hard?

There are different techniques within this art; the complexity is therefore dependent on the methodology one is interested in as well as the garments they intend to sew. It has been noted by multiple reviews and testimonials on the wide web that sewing is not hard.

There are two main types of sewing. They are machine and hand sewing. Several factors contribute to the choice of either. However, one has to source for learning aids that will guide them on which of the above to start out with and why. Some of the basic elements involved in sewing that beginners should bear in mind include but are not limited to:

1. The type of fabric used

Before sewing anything, one should be able to pick up textile that is ideal for the intended purpose. Research must be done on the different types of fabric and what they are ideal for. The availability of a particular type of fabric in one’s locale is a factor that cannot be overlooked when research on the same is being done.

Another aspect that affects the choice of fabric is the method of sewing to be used as well as the machines available for the same. Important to factor in is the mode of sewing that one intends to employ. Hand sewing is impossible with certain fabrics and machines.

2. Sewing tools and machines

In recent times, advancements in technology has availed an assortment of options that can be used for sewing. Needles in various sizes are among the common tools that beginners on a budget will find readily available.

The size of the needle to be bought should be considered. This is because some fabric are light and the wrong needle will put holes in it damaging instead of sewing. Sewing machines are an alternative that one can fall back on.

They come in various sizes and designs presenting one with multiple choices. When choosing a sewing machine, there are several things that one should consider. They include; cost, quality, and availability among others. One should ensure that they are aware of the various tools other than the hand sewing needles needed for hand sewing and the same applies to the machine option.

3. Sewing thread

There are different types of threads each appropriate for particular fabrics, machines, and tools. One should be aware of their needs and an estimate of the work to be done before purchasing thread. Acquisition of this element of sewing should be done hand in hand with the purchase of fabric.

If it is not possible for the purchase to be done on the same day, one should ensure that they take a sample of the fabric they intend to use along with them as they visit the thread store.

This factor is essential to ensure that one gets the correct color as well as the size of the thread to minimize or completely eliminate damage to the fabric. Some of those available are; cotton, nylon, silk, metallic, bobbin, and designer threads among others.

Once the above factors have been sorted one can get into the sewing part. One ought to decide what it is they want to sew. When the decision has been reached, patterns can be made or bought to help with the design process. The simple factors that one has to be keen one to ensure that sewing is not hard for them are;

4. Your work area

It is essential to ensure that one works in an area appropriate for sewing. Flat surfaces to cut out designs should be readily available as well as adequate lighting to avoid putting strain on the eyes. There are numerous elements that one should be keen on to ensure that they get the best out of their sewing experience.

Practice makes perfect

The most effective way for one to master the tools is to start out with simple sewing tasks. Seams and patch works are a great way for one to master their tools. When using a sewing machine tutorials from the wide web will come in handy to help with simple tasks such as threading that beginners may find hard.

Final Comments

Sewing may be hard or a walk in the park; it depends on the methodology used by the interested individual to go about it. Using resources on the wide web is one way of finding foot in sewing. The other way is to ask friends and family to recommend local shops and institutions that offer training on sewing that is within one’s budget.

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