How to Do Hat Embroidery with the Brother PE770

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Embroidery is a great way to add some flair to your garments whether its a hat, a pair of jeans, or even household items such as towels. In order to obtain the best end-result, you will first need to get your hands on a quality embroidery sewing machine such as the Brother PE770.

This sewing machine stands apart from your standard sewing machines because, in addition to the features you would expect to see on any regular form of sewing machine, they also include the ability to select graphics digitally to be embroidered on your items.

We aim to shed some light on the best techniques to employ when you are looking to embroider a hat. We will also be listing features that you should look for in an embroidery sewing machine that can be found in the Brother PE770.


How to Do Hat Embroidery with the Brother PE770

Hats can be a relatively tricky item to embroider depending upon the size and style of the hat as well as the amount of room on your embroidery sewing machine. Then again, we have got you all covered. Here, we will provide you with some tips below on the best practices to employ during the process.

Step 1: Prepare Your Design

Due to hats typically being structured garments, it can be difficult to maneuver the item around the machine. For this reason, it is best to choose a practical location to add to your design. Typically, the very front or sides of the hat provide the greatest surface area.

To choose this location, attempt to flatten the desired location of the design as much as possible, as the area that folds easier will prove to be easier to embroider too. To get a better idea of how the design will both look and fit onto the hat, print out a template and position it on your hat.

The vast majority of embroidery software packages will print out design templates with center marks to make the entire process a little easier for you. Once you have decided on the position of your design, mark the center of the design on your hat.

Step 2: Prepare the Hat for Embroidery

Firstly, you will need to hoop the stabilizer to make things easier down the line. It is a good idea to work with a slightly larger hoop than needed as that will give you a little extra room to move the hat around during embroidery.

Afterward, you will need to hoop some StabilStick or alternative sticking stabilizer. Once you have acquired one, attach it to your hat accordingly.

Step 3: Time to Embroider

Before you start, remember to turn off your machine’s thread cutters. These can sometimes cause the hoop to move and could dislodge it. Align the center mark made earlier with the starting position of the needle and do all your final settings checks. Once confident, you can start the embroidery.

It is best to work on lower speeds especially for beginners as that will make it easier for you to keep the hat flattened. In addition, it will also reduce the chance of the material bunching up in the embroidery area.

And, voila! Your hat is now embroidered with your design!


Tips on Using the Brother PE770 for Embroidery

Now it might look a bit complicated to use at first, but with proper instructions, it can be quite easy too. There are also several things you can do to ease the hat embroidery process. Here are some tips on how to use it:

  • Select appropriate needles

Due to the thickness of the material, especially on structured hats, it is important to use very sharp needles in a size 75/11. This will help minimize the chance of the needles getting deflected and broken during embroidery.

The type of needle you use can also help reduce thread breakage. Reinforced needles can achieve this through preventing upper threads from rubbing against one another.

  • Use a cap jig or hooping fixture

Using a cap jig or hooping fixture to hold the cap correctly while framing will not only reduce your hopping time but also take the pressure off your hands while z

Regardless of whether your hat is stiff or heavy, using a cap backing will help produce a high-quality finish. Unstructured caps typically require heavier backing, but a light adhesive will help keep this in place during embroidery.

  • Correctly size your design

Attempting to embroider a larger design can be difficult, especially if working around a peak. Therefore, it is best that you size your design correctly.

  • Use a quality thread

Using a high-quality thread significantly reduces the risk of breakage and can save ample amount of time that would otherwise be spent re-threading your machine.

  • Anchor your thread

Starting the design with a series of small stitches will help anchor your thread and correctly lock it in place.


Top Brother PE770 Features

Getting used to sewing with a new sewing machine requires time. In order to get to know your newly acquired Brother PE770, here is a list of its most notable features:

  • 137 built-in embroidery designs available with various frame shapes, lettering fonts, and border styles
  • The ability to accommodate larger design projects due to its 5” x 7” workspace.
  • Built-in memory helps to set the PE770 apart from other sewing machines allowing users to import additional designs via a USB memory stick.
  • A diverse range of onboard editing options as the PE770 allows users to mirror and rotate images as well as alter the size of the design.
  • It is extremely user-friendly due to its backlit LCD screen that clearly displays relevant user information.
  • Weighing only 8 lbs, this machine is extremely lightweight compared to alternatives, which makes it extremely portable too.
  • Auto thread cutting feature allows threads to be easily trimmed and stretched.
  • To increase precision during sewing, the needle area can be lit up with a built-in LED light. This is particularly useful when sewing onto dark fabrics.
  • Quick drop-in-bobbin allows for quick and easy replacements.
  • iBroidery compatibility grants users access to thousands of designs that can be downloaded and installed on the machine.


Summary of the Features

The Brother PE770 is an extremely versatile machine that not only offers the additional features commonly associated with embroidery but also those sought-after in regular sewing machines. Despite the PE700’s compact design, it offers ample workspace with 5” x 7” embroidery area allowing for the creation of larger designs or lettering.

Moreover, it is extremely user-friendly too, with its easy-to-use LCD display and quick and easy setup. Being compatible with iBroidery offers the user the chance to access a diverse range of pre-designed graphics. If this isn’t enough, users can also design their own graphics using various embroidery software before transferring them to the PE770’s built-in memory via a USB stick.



While the PE770 may seem expensive upon initial inspection, once you’ve compared it to similar models you will notice that it offers significantly more features than its rivals. This makes it a great investment for those who regularly embroider their garments and accessories.

The PE770 is practically one of the most affordable and the best hat embroidery machines currently being sold in the market today. It is particularly good for beginners since it is incredibly easy to use.

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