How to Fix a Tear in a Shirt without Sewing(It’s easy!)

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Repairing tears can be intimidating but you can do it. It may seem farfetched but you don’t have to put that favorite shirt away because of a tear. Or better yet, you don’t have to use a sewing machine to repair it. You may not be conversant with a sewing machine or you can’t access one.

The no-sew trick is easy and takes less time. The process can transform your shirt back to a wearable state. This method will depend on the accessibility and location of the tear. Other tears will be easier to access more than others.

Using the Fusing Paper

This method is the most used. The materials needed are easily available and the most important is the fusing paper or fusible bonding web. You can purchase the paper at your local fabric store or make a visit to a tailor and buy one.

The fusing paper works best on small tears and light weight fabrics. It is however not suitable for fabrics like satin or polyester. It comes with adhesive on one end to adhere to the fabric.

You need to get the materials ready, this include;

  • Torn shirt
  • Iron
  • A pair of scissors
  • Fusing paper
  • Ironing board (optional)

Once you assemble all your materials, follow the following steps to refurbish that shirt. You will be amazed just how easy the method is.

1. Iron your shirt

Place your shirt on the ironing board or a flat surface exposing the tear. It should be upside down. Heat up the iron to a temperature designed for the kind of fabric. Iron around the tear to remove any creases or wrinkles.

Bring the torn pieces together as much as you can. Use your fingers for this. Nip away any extra pieces of thread.

2. Place the fusing paper

Cut out the fusing paper or fusible bonding web a little bigger than the tear. With the shirt still upside down, place the fusing paper with the sticky side on the shirt.

3. Iron it again

Place a backing patch on top of the fuse paper. Use a pressing cloth to avoid press marks. Set your iron on hot and gently press it down. Without moving the iron, leave it on for about 10-15 seconds. Gently remove the iron so that you don’t interfere with the fusing.

4. Check out your work

After ironing, the tear should be repaired. Turn your shirt the right side up and go over the area. If there is any mishap or missed threads, repeat the steps again.

Using the Iron on Mender

The iron on mender is an adhesive tape that comes in a pack of three. This is a different option to repairing a tear by using the iron on mender. It is an easier, permanent and quicker alternative to dealing with that tear.

Place your shirt on a flat surface and straighten it out. Identify the tear and with a scissors, cut out a piece of the iron on mender to match the tear. You can use a paper template to clearly mark out the shape of the tear.

Position the mender onto the tear with the adhesive side facing up. Then go ahead and place another adhesive mender with the sticky side facing down. The second mender will act as a backing patch at the same time. It should be larger than the mender directly over the tear.

Activate the adhesive using heat. The iron should be set to the required temperature. You should use a pressing cloth over the mender before ironing. Hold the iron in place for 30 seconds and you are all done.

Using the Bonding Powder

Another alternative method is using the super mend fabric bonding powder. The powder bonds to fabric when subjected to heat by ironing. This holds the torn part together erasing any evidence of a tear.

The product comes with a user guide to take you through each step on using the powder. It can be used to repair tears, cigarette burns, and holes in any king of fabric. The upside to this, you can use it on a garment you can’t turn inside out. To use the powder,

  • Place the shirt on a flat surface turned inside out
  • Bring together the rip back together
  • Sprinkle the powder on top of the tear and around it
  • Cut out a backing patch and place it over the tear. If you don’t have a backing patch you can use a piece of cotton from another fabric.
  • Blow away any excess powder
  • Place a cutaway stabilizer or a grease proof paper on top and iron it

Just like that and your tear is repaired. The shirt can be worn immediately or after washing. The powder is permanent and won’t come off when subjected to washing. This method can also work on other garments that cannot be turned inside out like car seats or duvets.


You may not get it right the first time. It takes practice and once you master it, any tear or tiny hole on your garment will be a thing of the past. The no-sew method is easy and saves you time.

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