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8 Best Upholstery Sewing Machines in 2019: Unbiased Reviews

When it comes to upholstery sewing machines, you can usually get away with using a leather sewing machine or a heavy duty sewing machine. However, since we found out that many people are looking for sewing machines specifically for upholstery, we thought we’d go ahead and put together this list of favorite machines for sewing upholstery […]

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Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

With the introduction of technology, there is more that one can admire about sewing, embroidery and so forth. The embroidery world has not only taken the world by storm; it has as well shaped on how commercial embroidery machine work. Unlike the old machine, the current commercial embroidery machines have taken a notch higher. The […]

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How to sew a button on pants

Most people, especially men, are of the opinion that sewing is not a manly task. Therefore, men end up living this task to their moms, wives, sisters and other female relatives whenever they need to sew a button on their pant. What is fascinating is that men of yore never relied on females to replace […]

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Baby lock sewing machine troubleshooting

At times, the smallest hitch can turn your stitch from being perfect to being a total mess. Many elements go into perfect stitching. One of the things that go into perfect stitching is a great sewing machine. One of the greatest sewing machines in the market right now is Baby Lock sewing machine. However, even […]

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Types of sewing machines

Types of sewing machinesQuick Buying GuideBefore setting out to purchase the sewing machine that best meets your needs, there are specific factors to consider so you don’t eventually throw your money in a deep pitch. Such factors may include the task for which you want to use the machine, frequency of its use, its weight […]

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Juki Sewing Machine Reviews(Freshly updated)

Sewing at a significant level requires you to employ the best tools. This will also help you sew for the global market. Juki sewing machines have proved to be reliable, rugged, and sturdy over time. There are specific materials you will come across; some of them include chiffon, silk, denim, cotton, and some other fabric materials.

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Best Viking Sewing Machines(Also known as Husqvarna)

Previously known as Husqvarna, Viking is a Swedish sewing machine giant that is popular in most sewing rooms. There are numerous features that set this machine apart from the rest.

These features include the program display top and the innovative information display. These features make sewing fun and easy for users of all categories. Viking sewing machines are designed for durability, simplicity and quality. The following are some of the best Viking sewing machines.

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Singer vs Brother(Which company is better?)

If you are looking for a sewing machine that offers the best value for its price, you must come across two of the best sewing machine companies, Singer and Brother. In fact, when you go to Amazon, you will find that these two brands are best sellers and have top ratings.

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