Does Fleece Shrink? And when and how to avoid it

Fleece is a common material that is used to make jackets, sweatpants, blankets, hoodies, gym clothes, and many more. However, one question that plagues fleece is does fleece shrink? This material is popular as it is easily manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The name ‘fleece’ refers to the coat of a sheep based on the … Read more

Parts of the Sewing Machine (38 parts you need to know)

The sewing machine is the most important requirement when it comes to sewing. It is used for stitching fabrics to make garments. Through innovation, sewing machines have evolved from the handheld sewing machine to computerized machine for home or commercial use. It is therefore imperative that you understand the different parts of the sewing machine … Read more

Sewing Kevlar Fabric: Everything you needed to know

Kevlar is an incredibly strong material and when used properly can provide a lot of protection. In this post, we’ll discuss sewing Kevlar fabric: it’s uses, sewing tips, and best practices. Sewing kevlar fabric: how to layer it The first thing to bear in mind regarding working with Kevlar fabric is that Kevlar is effective … Read more

Boning For Sewing: Everything you need to know

Boning in sewing is used for making corsets or other rigid clothing that needs to hold its shape. In the past, a common kind of boning was steel, but as you can imagine, it was quite heavy and quite expensive! There are cheaper options today, most notably plastic boning. Rigilene boning Rigilene boning is one … Read more