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Sewing machine Serger combo(are there 2 in 1 machines?)

The Sewing machine and the Serger machine provide different functions when stitching. The Serger or overlock machine helps you achieve a clean finish on the edges of a garment. Conversely, the sewing machine is generally for stitching your outfit. Whereas the sewing machine dates back to 1791, the Serger is more of a 19th-century invention, […]

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What is a Low Shank Sewing Machine? Your question answered

Before understanding what a low shank sewing machine is, you have to know what a shank is. It is a small part of a sewing machine that plays a significant role and shouldn’t be overlooked. The other name for this part of a sewing machine is the presser foot. It is responsible for holding down […]

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Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal?

Bobbins are a must-have in your sewing machine for any stitching to happen, and one question that arises is if bobbins are universal. It is a wheel designed to hold a spool of thread from the lower compartment. When buying a new machine, bobbins are among removable parts of the package. They do not last […]

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Left Handed Sewing Machines from Brother, Singer, & Janome

Before the motor system was invented to power the motion of the sewing machine, several others had been in place to ensure functionality. The hand crank and the foot pedal are among inventions that sewing machine manufacturers used. The hand crank was designed to favor right-handed people since they were a majority, but there were […]

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Best Sewing Machines For Beginners: Top 5 Reviews for 2019

Sewing is an amazing craft. You can either pursue it as a hobby or turn it into a business. But if you’re getting into it as a newbie, you need to know what the best sewing machines for beginners are. Fortunately, we happen to be the Sewing Machine Club​ 😀 and we’ll help you choose a great […]

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Best leather sewing machine

Best Leather Sewing Machines Reviews For Heavy Work(Updated 2019)

When it comes to the art of sewing, one of the questions we get asked is, “What is the best leather sewing machine”? The thickness of leather makes it a very difficult fabric to work with. Hence, in order to make intricate designs on leather, you would need to invest in a sewing machine that can handle the job.

Today, we are going to review some of the best sewing machines for leather in hopes that you may find the one that suits your needs best. With the knowledge that you will gain from here, you can rest assured that you will be able to make a well-informed decision when the time comes that you would need to buy one for yourself.

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Best Sewing Machine Under 100

Best Sewing Machine Under $100: Our Top Picks

Fully featured sewing machines can be rather costly and more often than not, unnecessary. Whether you’re looking to buy a new sewing machine or replace an old one, do keep in mind that for you to find the best sewing machine under $100, it’s important to take note of the features that are important to […]

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