The Best Sewing Machine: Reviews The Kids Will Love

The Best Sewing Machine Reviews The Kids Will Love
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our reviews of the best sewing machine for kids!! There are a lot of sewing machines on the market and we hope we can help in your decision for your kids sewing machine.

During their early years, some children may take up the usual interests kids typically have, like ballet, sports, and even cooking. In addition to these usual hobbies, there will also be kids who want to pursue a sewing hobby.
Parents might face some difficulty choosing the best type of sewing machine to get for their children so here is a list of three of the best sewing machines for kids. These sewing machines each come with tools and features that can help children to create their own projects.

Our Top Pick for the Best Sewing Machine for Kids is the Janome Fast Lane Fuschia Portable Sewing Machine

Of all the sewing machines that we reviewed, our top pick for the Best Sewing Machine for kids is the Janome Fast Lane Fuschia Portable Sewing Machine. We really love how realistic it is!!!

Your Kids Sewing Machine-What To Look For

There are numerous different kinds of toy sewing machines available on the market for you to choose from, most of which are based on famous children’s TV shows. Many of them are brightly colored and quite appealing to children’s eyes. This is certainly important as it tends to make youngsters perceive a kids sewing machine as a fun toy, instead of a huge ugly and complicated bit of machinery!


As a parent, you probably know that it’s a good idea for your kid to have some sort of a hobby. A hobby can help kids be productive during their free time and they’re also having fun in the process. It’s also good for their development. Depending on the hobby, it can help kids with their physical, mental or even emotional development. This is why you should make it to a point to introduce a hobby to your kid.

So what hobby should you introduce? There are a lot of hobbies that you can choose from. But why not go for crafts? Sewing is a good choice especially for little girls. All you need is a kids sewing machine and you and your kid is good to go. Yes, you should buy a sewing machine that is designed for kids. So that big machine that you have won’t work.

Toy or Regular Sewing Machine

Nearly all kids sewing machine products are sold to children as toys more than tools. This emphasizes just how learning sewing can be a really enjoyable experience. To add to the fun element, several kids sewing products tend to be associated with well-known children’s TV characters such as Barbie and Hello Kitty. The machines are purposefully kept very simple in order to enchant the little ones and ensure that their learning is not too difficult.

As this is a toy machine for little children, the size of the machine will be just right. It will not feel like a threatening or scary piece of equipment. Depending on the type of machine you buy you could get one that is attractively decorated so that your son or daughter will know that this particular toy is specially customized for their use. A kid’s sewing machine will also not be as expensive as a regular one. This is also something that you may like to take into consideration. This is a good way to start a child off to see if they would like to continue to learn to sew as they get older. If you take a look online you should be able to find out where you can get the best bargains.

These are just a few of the benefits of investing in a child friendly toy sewing machine for your little one. This can make a wonderful gift idea for any occasion. If you take the time to look at what is available online you may even be able order today and have it delivered to your home within a matter of days.

The toy machines which have been aimed at early learners are fashioned to make sewing as simple as it can be for kids, and they are also designed with safety in mind. There are both battery and AC powered kids sewing devices sets available, and many of them come with drop-in bobbins and also children’s finger guards to guard the little one’s fingers by means of always keeping them away from the needle.

Don’t forget though, simply because a kids machine looks pretty does not mean it will work perfectly and always be reliable, so always go through other customer reviews to discover if the product has a good track record.

Kids machines ought not be mistaken for mini sewing machines. Mini machines are merely scaled down reproductions of normal size sewing machines. These mini machines will be a lot more powerful than a kids sewing machine and so should never be used by infants below age 12. For kids above age twelve though, they could be the best step up from a kids machine in advance of moving on to using a full sized machine.

Beginner sewers have to make many mistakes throughout their learning process. They’ll break needles, put the bobbin in incorrectly, jam the thread etc, so it won’t sound like a good idea to have them learn on your machine, particularly if it’s a machine you paid a good sum of cash for.


You have to be careful in choosing one and safety should be your number one consideration. This is the reason why industrial machines are out of the question because your kid probably won’t be able to handle it. There are a lot of sewing machines for kids available. These are designed with your kid’s safety in mind so you can be sure that with your guidance, she’ll be able to have fun safely with it.

It’s a good idea to start with something lightweight first especially if she’s just starting. There are a lot of kids sewing machine models available that are made of plastic. They’re perfect for beginners because you can be sure that they don’t have complicated features and parts. After all, they would be housed in something more industrial if they’re complicated. Another benefit of plastic is the fact that it’s lightweight. On that note, make sure to buy something lightweight and portable. This is to avoid overwhelming your child with something that is heavy.

Ease of Use/Design

Another thing that you have to consider is the ease of use. Remember, you’re trying to introduce the hobby to her. It’s easy to be frustrated if it’s hard to operate. She’ll be able to get the hang of it much faster this way so she can have fun immediately.

You should also consider the design when buying a kids sewing machine. After all, it’s supposed to be fun. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun designs and colors available. So choose one depending on your kid’s personality. Who knows? You may have a future fashion expert with you. The only way to find out is to introduce the wonderful and fun world of sewing to your little girl.
When they have advanced on from using a child’s machine, It’s a good idea to allow your child start off on an older machine of yours should you have one, or maybe you can buy them one of the less costly models. It is possible to quite easily find a low-cost sewing machine for in between $70-$90. The 2 famous brands Brother and Singer have lots of models that fit in this price range. All these would be ideal for youngsters who’re only starting out.

Training kids to sew can be exciting, but simultaneously it can make you pretty anxious. Sewing machines present a lot of safety risks to young children with little control. Young children who are enthusiastic about sewing have a tendency to want to go far too fast for their own good, so make sure you are very cautious when you start out.

A kids sewing machine is a great way to introduce children to the art of sewing.

Here is Our List of the Best Sewing Machines for Kids


Sew Cool Sewing Machine

 Sewing has never been so much fun, thanks to the Sew Cool Machine with its threadless Sewing Studio. This sewing machine for kids has no threads, no foot pedals, no bobbins to wind up, and no needles to thread, making this machine 100 percent safe for children over the age of 3 to use.


  • Simple to use
  • Children’s hands are protected by the guard
  • No need to worry about threading the needle since it’s a felting machine


  • The seams can be a little too thick since the machine basically molds two pieces of fabric together
  • Only works with Sew Cool material
  • You won’t be able to use more than two sheets or fabric at a time or the needle might break

The Sew Cool Machine allows children to unleash their own creativity by sewing their favorite stuffed cartoon characters or inventing some of their own. The machine is very safe to use since it has no needles so parents won’t have to worry about their children accidentally hurting themselves while sewing. In addition to the sewing machine, The Sew Cool Machine comes with eight sheets of fabric, three pre-cut projects, 22 embellishments, a bag of stuffing, and an instruction guide for six additional projects.


Janome Fast Lane Fuschia Portable Sewing Machine

The Janome Fast Lane Fuschia Portable Sewing Machine is the best type of sewing machine to get if your child is a beginner sewer. At five pounds, it’s fairly easy to carry with you to sew in different locations, like Grandma’s house. The machine comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to to understand.


-It is compact and lightweight which means it can be stored easily and carried almost anywhere. -It has a top loading drop in Bobbin which helps users save time. -It has a clear bobbin cover which allows users to see just how much bobbin thread they’ve left. -It offers manual thread tension which means users can control the thread tension by spinning the dial to fit their particular sewing style and fabric. -It comes with 10 stitch options. -It has 2 needle positions; center and left needle positions. -Free arm sewing capabilities. -It has a built-in accessory tray which allows users to store needles, thread, and various other supplies in the machine.


  • Has the perfect combination of fun and utility, with ten simple stitches
  • Has its own small drawer to store your needles, bobbins, thread, or any type of accessory or embellishment
  • Only weighs five pounds, and can easily fit in small spaces for storage
  • Its presser foot includes a raised front end, making it impossible for small children to place their hands beneath the needle
  • The machine is easy to use, and only has one foot pedal speed
  • Instructions in the manual are simple to read
  • Changing the type of stitch is easy


  • Doesn’t come with its own needle threader or even a cutter
  • No buttonhole option
  • The raised front of the presser foot makes the needle a bit difficult to thread
  • No case or handle to carrying the machine

This is a compact, lightweight, easy to use sewing machine which is targeted to youngsters. The machine includes all the essential features needed for finishing many kinds of sewing projects, from simple tasks to paper crafting and scrap booking. Its’ compact size makes it ideal for kids who are just starting to learn about sewing. It is uncomplicated, easy to use, and can inspire youngsters to love and continue sewing more and more items. At just 5 pounds, it is perfectly portable, kids can take the machine almost anywhere. It is completely safe for kids to use since it has additional safety features like finger protection. The Janome Fast Lane Machine, comes in bright pink in color, however, other color options are also available. It’s a great choice for young enthusiasts, and is considered to be the best sewing machine for kids. This sewing machine is considered one of the best sewing machine for kids. The Janome Fast Lane Fuschia Portable Sewing Machine measures 9 x 5 x 10.5 inches, and weighs five pounds and comes in a lovely fuschia color.


Sew Cool Sewing Machine with Bonus Pack

 This sewing machine allows you to sew clothes without having to use thread, thanks to its revolutionary Sew Cool Sewing Studio. This studio is easy to use, and kids will love it. There are no bobbins to wind up, no needles to thread, and no pedals. The Sew Cool Sewing Machine uses special fabric that will help enhance your child’s imagination while they practice using their hand-eye coordination. From the first time your children use this machine, there will be immediately be a sense of instant gratification since they can do it by themselves. Kids can also customize and create their own unique projects with Sew Cool’s 30 decorative fabric decals and snaps which are included. They can even browse through the internet to look for more patterns online or design their own.


  • The machine itself is made out of plastic, so it’s very lightweight
  • Has its own carrying handle
  • Comes with a plastic safety guard found around the needles


  • It can be a bit hard to slide together two types of material beneath the presser foot
  • Has the tendency to pull towards the edge of the fabric, often times resulting in a ragged seam
  • Only has an off and on switch and one speed

The Sew Cool Sewing Studio’s one-of-a-kind threadless technology is the best, not to mention the safest, method to teach young children how to enhance their creativity and to learn a new hobby. And with Sew Cool’s bonus pack, you’ll get six additional fabric sheets, one additional pre-cut project, as well as eleven fabric decals which you can decorate with whatever pattern you wish. Product dimensions for the Sewing Studio are 12 x 5 x 11 inches. Shipping weight is only 2.4 pounds. The machine is purple.



Thanks for checking out our reviews for the best kids sewing machine. If you are purchasing a sewing machine for a budding sewer, it is important to take the child’s age into consideration. If you are purchasing a machine for an older child and you want to provide the full sewing experience, you should opt for the Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia Portable Sewing Machine since it uses a needle, thread, and bobbin. The sewing experience is much more realistic. If you are purchasing a sewing machine for a younger child who would be more interested in the finished product than the process itself, the Sew Cool Purple Sewing Machine would be a good way to get the child started with a sewing hobby.

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