The Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine: Trusted Brand For Your Sewing Needs

The Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine Trusted Brand For Your Sewing Needs

The following is a list of some of the most popular Baby Lock sewing machines available on the market today. All of these Baby Lock sewing machines have an assortment of features and are reasonably priced.

These sewing machines can easily help you create some amazing garments that will be enjoyed by your friends and family. And not only that – the machines are completely simple to use too. You never need to worry about threads getting tangled up in the needle, or about the needle itself getting stuck in the fabric.

Baby Lock Cover Stitch Serger Machine Wave Over Lock with 8-Threads

This is one of the best serger machines ever made by Baby Lock. This is a Japanese version of the Evolution BLE8W-2.This serger creates a nice, well-balanced stitch on all types of fabrics no matter what kind of thread is used. It seamlessly stitches the thread from one type of material to another.


  • Creates an amazing triple cover hem
  • Can handle many types of fabrics
  • Quiet operation, and can sew at high speeds
  • Simple and easy threading system


  • Expensive

Although the Baby Lock Cover Stitch Serger Machine has a hefty price tag, the machine is worth it. The thread flawlessly passes through any type of fabric without much effort. You can even adjust the size of the stitch to your suit your project. The eight-thread feature creates more stitch combinations than the average serger machine.

In fact, there is more than 87 different possible combinations in all. This serger will gather any fabric with a ratio of 2:1 even if the fabric is lightweight. Baby Lock even brings this aspect to a whole new level with a single unit feed dog mechanism.

You can gather and stretch as much fabric as you wish. In the end, you’ll get nothing but complete, consistent stitches with each use.

Baby Lock Serger Machine 4-Thread Automatic Tension with Jet Air

This serger uses the ExtraordinAir Threading system which is the latest in threading technology. With just one click, the ExtraordinAir will bring your thread across all three of the machine’s loopers at once. You can also thread the serger in whatever order you like.

The ExtraordinAir eliminates puckering and tension from the fabric, all thanks to Baby Lock’s patented Automatic Thread Delivery System. The Serger Machine 4-Thread Automatic Tension with Jet Air is a favorite among many professional tailors.


  • Eliminates tension and puckering
  • Automatic Thread Delivery System
  • Serger can be threaded in any order


  • It’s a bit heavy for an average serging machine.

The Baby Lock Serger Machine 4-Thread Automatic Tension with Jet Air uses the ExtraordinAir Threading system, a feature unique to the Baby Lock line of sewing products. With their Automatic Thread Delivery System, tensions in the fabric are reduced to zero.

Three built-in LED lights allow for good lighting while sewing. This revolutionary serger includes some of the newest and best threading technology available. You can enhance your projects and expand your creativity skills with the Wave Stitch feature.

With so many options to choose from, this serger with automatic tension and jet air technology will surely make serging fun and easy.

Baby Lock BLE3ATW Jet Air System Wave Stitch 4-thread Sewing Machine

This is the Japanese edition of the BLE3ATW, so its manual will come in Japanese, but you can download the English version.The serger uses 100 volts, so if you plan to use it in an outlet greater than 120 volts, a transformer is necessary. This serger also uses the ExtraordinAir Threading System.With the push of a button, a gust of air will pull your thread through all the loopers at once.


  • Has a good threading system
  • Has a solid and sturdy feel to it


  • None

Baby Lock’s revolutionary serger sewing machine incorporates the newest sewing technology which Baby Lock calls ExtraordinAir Threading. With just one click and a gust of air, the ExtraordinAir will make your thread pass through all of the machine’s loopers in one go.

Plenty of time can be saved on serging and stitching with this technology. With the exclusive Wave Stitch,you’ll be able to stretch your creativity. Feel free to set the EnlightenAir to the kind of stitch that you prefer, and start serging and add something special to your projects.

This serger creates a balanced stitch on all fabrics with any kind of thread. You can even switch it from one fabric to another. This allows you to use different types of threads in several colors and styles.


Using the list of best Baby Lock sewing machines and the reviews provided above you can easily identify the points you have to take into consideration before choosing the right sewing machine for your needs.

If you are simply looking for efficiency without too much complication, the Baby lock BLE3ATW Jet Air System Wave Stitch 4-thread Sewing Machine is definitely the best option.

However, if you’re looking for a Baby Lock sewing machine that can support a variety fabrics, then you should opt for the Babylock Cover Stitch Serger Machine Wave Over Lock 8-thread which offers a great variety of features that you will surely love.

Although the most expensive of the sergers listed here, the babylock Cover Stitch Serger Machine Wave Over Lock 8-thread offers the added flexibility of sewing with up to eight thread colors.

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