The Best Sewing Accessories-Our Picks and Reviews

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sewing machine needlesThe Best Sewing Machine Needles On The Market Today!!

There is so much that can be discussed when it comes to sewing. The perfect details seen in your dress, blouse, shirt and pants all were made with the help of a sewing machine. For such a small piece of a sewing machine, some may not realize how crucial they are to creating perfect projects. That is why it’s important to be cautious when purchasing sewing machine needles. By buying the right product first, you can save a lot of money and time. Today we are going to review the best needles for your sewing machine.

Some factors to consider when purchasing needles are:

Are they universal?

If you decide to sell your old sewing machine, does that mean you need to buy another pack of needles again? So long as you have needles, you can work from any sewing machine.

Are they durable?

A good quality sewing needle should not be easy to break or bend. Needles should serve quite a long time, saving you precious time so that you do not have to go and buy a new pack.

There are many sewing machine needles in the market and I can promise you some are of low quality. But you shouldn’t worry. With the below preview you will be able to detect cheap needles, ensuring you are a happy sewer.

Here are the three best sewing machine needles:

SCHMETZ Universal (130/705 H) Household Sewing Machine Needles – Bulk – Size 90/14


  • These needles are packed in bulk (100 needles per box), and have different sizes, making them pretty convenient.
  • They also have a colored band on the shank to easily indicate different sizes of the needles.
  • You can use this needle to quilt, make clothing, or even create light upholstery.
  • Made of high quality and does not bend easily when sewing
  • They are manufactured by one of the best brand names in the business, Schmetz.


This pack saves on time and money because it has all different sizes of needle in one package. Instead of buying several packs each of different sizes, you can decide to buy one and ensure you get the size you want.

They are very durable. When sewing, these needles do not easily get worn out. A Schmetz sewing needle takes time before wearing of or bending, which can be frustrating when in the middle of a sewing project.

It is versatile because you can use these sewing needles to quilt, and complete light upholstery projects among many others.

They are packed in a box that keeps them safe from children and helps prevent them from getting lost easily. These are the reasons why the SCHMETZ Universal (130/705 H) Household Sewing Machine Needles – Bulk – Size 90/14 are our top pick for the Best Sewing Machine Needles!!


They are not suitable for sewing sensitive fabrics.


50 Pieces HOME SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES ASSORTMENT (ORGAN 15X1 SIZE#9,11,14, 16, 18) 10pcs per size


  • This package comes in 5 set of different sizes of needle, with 10 of each size.
  • In each set, the included sizes are #9,11,14,16, and 18
  • These sewing needles are compatible with almost all sewing machines including Singer, Pfaff, Viking, Necchi, and Nelco
  • They are very strong needles, and it takes a lot of force to break or bend the needle
  • They are packed nicely, making them easy to use it as well as keeping them safe from children
  • They are made by the best brand, Organ


Saves on time, because all needle sizes are in one pack

Affordable price for a high-quality product

Packed properly for better servicing

These needles have a longer lifespan, saving on your time as well as money.


Compared to other needles, it is less durable and has a higher chance of breaking than others.

They are not the best for sewing sensitive fabrics.


Singer 10-Pack Regular Point Machine Needles Assorted, 4 Size 80/11, 4 Size 90/14 and 2 Size 100/16


  • They fit almost all sewing machines including Kenmore, Singer among others
  • Each package has 10 needles of four different sizes: four of size 80/11, four of size 90/14 and two of size 100/16.
  • The needles are color-coded to differentiate the different sizes of the needles
  • These different sizes of needles have been carefully chosen because they are good for woven fabrics.
  • They are durable and does not easily bend or break down.
  • These needles are made by one of the most popular brands known for the best sewing products, Singer. It has been in the market for the longest time and has what it takes to produce high-quality products.


You can sew very heavy fabrics and they do not break.

They come in an affordable price


I think there is more room for improvement in their packing. They package is designed poorly and one loses some of the needles.

It only has three needle sizes.


The above sewing machine needles are the best. They provide you an easy time when sewing. They also save on time and cost, and who would not want that? Above all, it ensures your work of art is of high quality. With the above sewing machine needles, you can explore all the ideas you thought were impossible.

Possible alternatives

Some other options are Singer Universal Heavy Duty Machine Needles. Just like they sound, these needles are very durable and can fit in almost all machines. They have color coding in different sizes of needle, but it only has about five needles, which is its negative aspect. But, these needles can serve better and longer than 100 or more of some types.

Another option is a self-threading needle, which makes sewing easy for beginners. The needles come in a set that has about 48 needle sizes. The needles are very durable and are made of high carbon steel, making them free from rusting and corroding problems. Some of the needles are even gilded with 18K gold for ease in sliding the thread. This package does not indicate the sizes of needles, which is a bit of a limitation.


Sewing machine needles should be able to fit in a domestic sewing machine for machine embroidery, machine quilting and machine sewing. Getting the correct size and type of needle is very crucial. Substandard quality needles may be cheaper but you will pay for them in the long run with frustration in your projects.


The Best Seam Rippers On the Market Today

Undoing stitches is often necessary. You can take out a pocketknife and start tending to the task, but that is not really practical. Fortunately, seam rippers can be used to easily cut through stitches.

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper is one of the top rippers found on the market. Made in China, this handy device is inexpensive, durable, and high-quality. It is also our choice for the Best Seam Ripper on the market today.


Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper has a super fine blade which easily takes off irritating tags, plastic casings on clothes, Velcro straps, brand labels and other annoying embellishments. It can also be used to cut through stitches on apparel, denim, upholstery and other materials.

  • Durable high quality blade makes cutting instant and easy
  • Safety cap to close the seam ripper when not in use
  • Protective ball provided to ensure safety of fabric
  • Smart size of 5 ½ inches make it useful for a variety of tasks while being compact at the same time


Convenient size to carry around

Specially designed sleek blade to handle all kinds of unwanted stitches

Works for heavy stitching on upholstery, embroidery, etc.

Built from long-lasting material for extended use over the years



Blade is not thin enough to cut fine stitches

The cap may get lost because it cannot be attached to the handle while the device is in use.


The Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper does its job well. It feels like a hot knife cutting through butter when you slice away through the poorly sewn threads. It is an essential tool for any garment or apparel business or any industry that deals with sewing.
The tip of the blade of Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper picks through thick and thin stitches and undoes them gently. You can flick the tool upwards and cut off the threads to undo pesky tags or Velcro straps. The Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper’s use extends far beyond the tailoring industry and to everyday casual and professional tasks. For example, you can use the ripper to cut through tape while unpacking boxes. If you are looking for the best seam ripper, go for Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper.


Possible Alternatives

There are other seam rippers that can be used as alternatives to the Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper.


Smartneedle SNUNDOSR Undo Seam Ripper Double Sided Art and Craft Product

Seam reapers do not have to look boring all the time. Smartneedle provides a trendy and designer double sided seam ripper. It features two rippers at both ends. One can be used for fine stitches while the other is for thick sewing. The body of the seam ripper is made of a rubbery texture, which makes for a solid grip. It even comes with two protective caps to keep the blades covered.


Deluxe Seam Ripper Combo. One Big and One Handy Small Seam Ripper. Top Quality

A seam ripper with two ends may not always be suitable for you. A combination of two seam rippers takes care of all your ripping requirements. The large ripper measures 5 ½ inches while the smaller one is 3 ½ inches. Both have transparent plastic covers for protection. The blades are manufactured with hardened steel for long-term use.


Dritz Curved Blade Seam Ripper

This seam ripper from Dritz is unique due to its curved blade. Some people find it more convenient to use a curved blade, because it helps them get beneath stitches efficiently. The Dritz Curved Blade Seam Ripper smoothly cuts through poorly sewed threads and offers a soft grip for convenience.


Clauss Titanium Bonded Seam Ripper With Cover, Grey and Red

Available in grey and red, this is one of the most popular seam rippers on the market. It will help you to do what you want comfortably, thanks to an ergonomic handle. It also features a safety cap and simplistic seam ripping that you would love. This seam ripper is one of the best products to use on a daily basis, making it perfect if you are looking to buy one for professional use.


Wahl Electric Seam Ripper, battery operated

The main advantage of this seam ripper is that it is battery operated. Just find yourself a one AA battery and you are good to go. This seam ripper is portable as well.

The electric seam ripper also fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use. One of the most popular uses of this seam ripper is in embroidery.



If you are looking for a seam ripper, buy one that gets the job done. The Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper seems to fit your needs perfectly with a super fine blade that you would love. While it is not battery operated as some of the other options you could find, it is extremely easy to use, and one of the best that you can find in this range. 

You can use any seam ripper mentioned in the article to meet your needs. Go for the Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper if you want a durable and handy tool that comes at a low price. You cannot go wrong with this purchase, as this product is trusted by numerous tailors and home designers.

Best Needle Threaders Review

Sewing, known as the craft of attaching objects using needles and threads to make stitches, is one of the oldest textile arts. This art is even older than yarn spinning and fabric weaving. For a long time, sewing was known to be an art done by hand, and there has been a lot of improvement to make it more fun and attract more people to learn how to do it.

Sewing styles can easily be categorized into types. First is basic or plain sewing, which is used to mend clothes or defects with household linens and garments. The other type is fancy sewing, wherein stitches are done for decorations. This type also includes different sewing techniques like embroidery, quilting, and shirring.

A very helpful tool that makes sewing easier, especially if you are getting poor eyesight, is the needle threader. Most needle sets come with at least one needle threader. Many people do not appreciate its purpose and it may end up at the bottom of a sewing kit until needed. There are two parts in a needle threader, the handle and the wire, that help you easily connect the thread to the needle. Below are reviews of top three needle threaders.


Top 3 Needle Threaders review


Clover Needle Threader

The Clover brand had been around since 1948, and was established by Toshio Okada. The company originally began as a wholesale company for needles and other handicraft accessories. Later on, it turned into a manufacturer of sewing machinery.


Makes threading easier

Unlike other needle threaders, this embroidery threader has a flat tip which will give you a smoother threading time, especially for thick threads. It can be used for thick threads such as yarn, and embroidery needles.

It is Easy to use

The steps to use this tool are the same as most needle threaders. First, insert the threader’s wire into the eye of the needle, then put the thread through the top part of the wire to get it ready for looping. Then, remove the thread from the wire, and knot the end to lock it into place.

The main feature of this embroidery needle threader is that it has a flat tip and larger eyes that work well with embroidery needles sized 5 – 1.


This threader is durable and built to last compared to the basic flat metal threader.

  • It gives a better transition in releasing the thread with its pre-formed, wide gap in the middle of the eyes.
  • This tool also works well with almost all types of needles and threads


  • This threader can be a bit pricey compared to other brands and types.
  • If not careful when adjusting the threader, it can break easily.


Clover’s embroidery threader offers much easier ways to connect the thread and needle together. It is good for different kinds of thread, yarn, and embroidery needles. Its durability depends on how you handle it, but mostly on the adjustment.


Loran Needle Threader

This Loran needle threader was designed especially for thick yarn, and large eyed needles. Made in the USA, it is best to use when making blankets, quilts, and even curtain tassels.


Easier Threading

– It lives up to its purpose of making threading easier. It is also made especially for needles with a long body and large eye.

– To use, make the needle’s eye and the tip of the threader meet, then lay the thread over the hook and pull the thread through the threader. Finish it with a knot and then you are good to go.


  • This threader is helpful for threading needles with large eyes, like a tapestry needles.
  • There are two different sizes to attach to the needle minder.
  • The needle threader has a sturdy construction, and it is durable enough to handle thick thread and heavy sewing.


  • Although it is durable, it may bend easily.



The Loran needle threader for large-eye needles is a product that will help you when dealing with large material stitches, like blankets and other household cloth materials.

HeroNeo Needle Threader

The HeroNeo needle threader is designed for sewing machines. It will help you thread your needles when using an automatic or manual sewing machine.



Easy threading material

The HeroNeo needle threader insertion applicator works best with machine needles with a size of 80/ 12 and larger, making it easy for you to sew using your machine.

First, place the thread through the slit in the threader, then slide the threader to the needle until it pushes the thread to the eye. On the other side of the thread is a hole to hold the sewing machine needle as you easily insert it.


  • This needle threader suits almost all major sewing machine brands such as Singer, Euro Pro, Baby Lock, Brother, and Elna.
  • This tool will help you thread your sewing machine needles and threads, even if you have a poor eyesight.


  • Although it is easy to use, there are chances of breaking it if you force it through the eye of the needle.


The HeroNeo needle threader is helpful for those using a sewing machine instead of hand stitching. It is helpful for threading your needle and thread, even on sewing machines that can be challenging to thread. It is good for all ages, too.

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