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How To Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

How To Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

How To Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines are very popular both for high volume commercial use and for creative embroidery. If you are using one of these machines for the first time, threading the machine may seem like a little bit of a challenge. However, with these hints and tips, you will find that threading your machine is as easy as can be. With some practice, you will find that threading your Brother machine becomes something intuitive, which you do not even need to think about. Here are some tips on how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

Start by shedding some light on your needle.

Brother sewing machines can be equipped with various different types of needles: the designers at Brother have created specialized needles that are designed to work with denim, for instance, as well as hardy all purpose needles that can be used for general embroidery. No matter what type of needle you have, though, the step by step guide provided below will enable you to thread it.

Brother sewing machines are usually equipped with needle lights: little bulbs beside the needle that light it up so that you can clearly see it. So one helpful first step for threading your machine is to flick your needle light on so you can see exactly what you are working with. If you are finding it a little hard to see your needle, still, then why not purchase a stronger bulb from Brother, as the company has made a range of different needle lights.


A step by step guide to threading that needle:

1: Get the needle in the right position

Rotate the hand wheel (the wheel on the side of the sewing machine) to disengage the needle. Or, in other word, to lift the needle up away from the surface of the cloth that you are going to sew.

2. Load up the bobbin

The bobbin looks like a little spool of thread – but without any thread on. It is located in a small compartment towards the top of the machine. Take out the bobbin, slot your thread onto it and replace it. There is a little hole beside the bobbin where the end of the thread should be able to poke out so that you can grab it. Your sewing machine is now loaded with thread! Make sure that the thread is the right size, color and type for the job in hand!

3. Get the tension right

Now, take the end of your thread and wind it through the tension loop (a little metallic loop that you will find on the side of the sewing machine). This helps to keep your thread nice and tense, and running in a straight line as you sew, so that it does not flop around everywhere and get tangled.

4. Back to the needle

Now, take the end of the thread and pull it gently until it reaches the needle. There will be a small hole on the bottom of the needle: thread your thread through this hole. There is no need to tie a knot in the thread – but do make sure that there is an inch or so of thread poking through the other side of the hole when you thread the needle.

5. Reengage the needle

Finally, you need to lower your needle back down to its original position close to the cloth. Do this by rotating the wheel back the other way until you hear a click which lets you know that the needle is back in position. This is the last step in how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

Problems threading the needle?

If you have problems threading your needle it could be because the end of the thread is frayed and thus too chunky to pass through the hole in the needle. Rectify this by snipping it cleanly with your sewing scissors to give it a neat edge again. You can also try wetting the end of the thread and twisting it a little between your fingers to make it thinner. In general, though, sewing machine thread is very thin (yet strong) whilst the holes in Brother sewing machine needles are nice and wide, so threading is reasonably easy when you get the hang of it.

The first stitch

Once your needle has been threaded, you will want to start sewing. Remember, though, that we did not tie a knot in the thread as we would do if we were sewing by hand. So, when you begin to sew, hold the cloth static and start the needle running for a couple of seconds before you start moving the fabric to create a seam, as this creates a secure knot and stops the thread slipping through the fabric!

So if you are a sewing beginner, and you need help threading your Brother sewing machine, we hope you learned something from us!!!! Thanks for stopping by our How To Thread a Brother Sewing Machine tutorial.

Here is an excellent video on How to Thread A Brother Sewing Machine:


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