How To Clean and Maintain Your Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are great investments and should be kept in top condition to last through years. Cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine regularly can play a crucial role in helping your machine run smoothly and work better. Listed below are some simple steps that can help you clean and maintain your sewing machine in a simple and easy way.

Cleaning a Sewing Machine

Step #1: Prepare the machine for cleaning. Switch off the machine and unplug it. Remove machine pieces such as bobbin cases, thread, stitch plate, presser foot and plates that might get in the way of thorough cleaning. Remove sewing machine needle for safety purpose.

Step #2: Use a stiff lint brush to brush away all the lint. If you find it difficult to clean lint from hard to reach places using a lint brush, use tweezers to remove them. To remove residue or lint on the bobbin hook, use a soft cloth or clean mascara brush for this purpose.

Step #3: Use compressed air. For a thorough sewing machine cleaning, use compressed air to clean the bobbin case and the bobbin case area itself. Using compressed air beneath the needle plate is another great way to clean this part of the sewing machine.

How to maintain a Sewing machine

Invest in a good sewing machine cover: Covering your sewing machine with a good quality case will prevent dust from accumulating on various parts of the sewing machine. Using this sewing furniture piece is one of the best and easiest ways to help your machine stay clean and dust free.

Oil your sewing machine regularly: Oiling your sewing machine can play an essential role in help your machine run smoothly and last longer. For good results, add one or two drops of sewing machine oil in the moving parts of the machine above every 30 days.

Change your needles: Using a dull or bent needle can result in runs or pulls in your fabric, skipped stitches or worst of all – cause damage to your sewing machine. It is highly recommended that use needles according to the weight and weave of your fabric.

Check the cords: Ensure that you check your cords on your machine regularly. Replace them quickly to prevent any electrical problems and dangers.

Use sewing machine properly: Using your sewing machine properly by following the guidelines instructed in the manual, using the proper thread and right size needle according to your sewing project and not forcing parts on your sewing machine can play an important life in helping you maintain your machine for years to come.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining A Sewing Machine

· Always oil your machine after cleaning it thoroughly.

· To prevent lint from getting deeper in the machine when using compressed air, keep the nozzle at least four inches away from the part of the machine. Additionally, take an angle that will help blow lint out of the machine than inside it.

· Clean one area at a time. This will help save you from the confusion of using the removed screws to where they actually belong.

· Use a damp towel to remove any lint or dust immediately after each project. This will ensure that you start your next project with a clean and happy machine.

· Use small vacuum attachments to clean out the lint.

Keep your sewing machine clean and maintained is one of the best ways to increase it durability and performance. . A well-maintained sewing machine not only helps you get the most out it and enjoy your sewing projects, but also reduces the need for tune-ups and repair, saving both your time and money.

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