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Gifts for Quilters-From Signs to Mugs!!

Do you have a friend or relative that is a quilter? Do you have a hard time buying gifts for them? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, please read on. Today we are going to give you some great ideas for gifts for quilters. Now, you could go with something practical, like quilting supplies. Or you could buy them something different like the gift ideas we are going to show you. So, without further ado, here are some great gifts for quilters!!!


If you are looking for one of the easiest gifts to give a quilter, go with the old stand by, the T-shirt. T-shirts are fairly inexpensive gifts and they seem to last. You can also either choose your own saying on the shirt or go with a T-shirt that already has a clever saying on it. After going through the T-shirts, I realized that there are a ton of different T-shirts with sayings on them for quilters. I will just put some of them below and if you can’t find one on my site, I will have a link below to pages and pages of different T-shirt gifts for quilters. Here are some really clever and funny t-shirts for the quilter in your life:

I Like to Party, When I Say Party I Mean Quilt T-Shirt


I Quilt so I Don’t Snap Ladies T-Shirt


Women’s Quilting Grandma Funny T-Shirt Royal Blue


My Husband is the Best When He Lets Me Quilt Ladies T-Shirt


Quilting is Full Time Job I’m Retired, Retirement T-Shirt Light Pink


As you can see, there are some very clever quilting T-shirts for quilters. If you don’t see one you like here on my site CLICK HERE and you will be taken to pages and pages of different T-shirts. Make sure you have at least an hour to browse these, because you could really lose track of time looking over these gifts for quilters.


Coffee Mugs

Another really easy quilting gift idea is either a personalized coffee mug or a mug with a really clever, funny saying on it. As you can see later in this post, there are so many different mugs with funny sayings on them. This is an easy gift for a quilter, but the hard part is choosing the one you want. Since a lot of people (including myself) drink coffee or tea all year round, this is a perfect gift to buy. Just like the T-shirts above, I will put some coffee mugs below for you to look at. If you don’t see one you like below, I will put a link of pages and pages of different coffee mugs with funny, clever sayings on them.

CafePress – I Love Quilting – Coffee Mug


CafePress – Quilting And Chocolate – Coffee Mug


CafePress – Quilter’s Brain – Coffee Mug


CafePress Quilter Need a Drink Mug


Less Work More Quilting – Coffee Mug


This is just a small sample of different mugs that would make great quilting gifts. If you are not able to find a mug you like on my website, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to pages and pages of different mugs. All have very clever and funny sayings on them and all would make great gift ideas for quilters.


Novelty Signs

If someone you know has their own quilting room, it may be quilting themed. Or maybe they need to start adding things to make it quilting themed. Well, a decorative, novelty sign is a really great quilting gift to make that happen, The signs come in different shapes and sizes. This makes it very convenient when purchasing for a quilter. They are also fairly inexpensive so you are not breaking the bank when buying a gift for a quilter.

QUILTER Parking Sign


Warning Beware of Quilter 9″ x 6″ Metal Sign


5″x5″ Quilter On Board Bumper Sticker


QUILTING Street Sign




These novelty signs are great gift ideas for quilters. HERE are a couple more signs to look at.


Other Quilting Gift Ideas

Here are some other really great gift ideas for quilters. At the end of this post, I will have a link of all the gifts for quilters. It will take you hours to go through!

Quilting Light Blue Leather Watch


Quilters Tote Bag


Quilter’s Block-a-day Perpetual Calendar


Omnigrid Quilters Travel Case, Black


Well, there you have it. A pretty good start of listing some gifts for quilters. I hope that either you found something on this site that can help when trying to pick out a gift for a quilter. If you need more gift ideas for quilters, CLICK HERE and you will be directed to pages and pages of gift ideas for quilters. Thanks for stopping by our site!!!


























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