Best Sewing Machine Under $100

The Best Sewing Machine Under 100 ($100)-For a Shoestring Budget!

Today we are going to review the best sewing machine under $100. Sewing is fun hobby and if you are not careful, you can really overpay for a sewing machine. If you are a beginner and you are looking to get into sewing, please take a look at our reviews and information before you decide to purchase a sewing machine for the first time.

An Excellent Comparison Chart for Sewing Machines Under $100

Today, we are going to give you our top picks for sewing machines that cost less than $100. Below is a really nice comparison chart on the best sewing machines under 100 ($100).

PictureSewing MachineRating out of 5 starsStitchesWeight in lbs.Warranty
Best Sewing Machine under $100Brother XL2600I 4.82511lbs.25 year limited warranty
Brother LS21254.71012lbs25 year limited warranty
SINGER 22594.61914lbs25 year limited warranty
Singer 13044.669.8lbs25 year limited warranty

Brother XM27014.52712lbs25 year limited warranty
41mjmf8zkcl__sx355_Brother XL26104.52512lbs25 year limited warranty

Now that you have had time to look through our comparison chart of the best sewing machines under $100, we are going to hopefully help you with your decision. To help you to narrow down your options, below we present in depth reviews of our tip picks for the best sewing machines under $100.

The Brother XL2600I–OUR TOP PICK!! style=

Best sewing machine under $100


This cool and contemporary machine is absolutely great for people who are just starting out with their sewing. User friendly and very reliable, it is a great little all round product.


This free arm sewing machine has 25 stitch settings already built in to it, which is more than most people need to use over the entire lifetime of a machine. So, you can just use these pre programmed stitches to hem, embroider, sew buttonholes and much much more. Other things that make this a very convenient and user friendly sewing machine are the auto bobbin winding capability and the handy little storage compartment in the arm of the machine (where you can keep all of the accessories that come with this product). This wonderful item by the world renowned sewing machine manufacturers Brother is very versatile too. It can be used for stitching regular hems and so on with, for decorative embroidery, and for quilting too.


– Wide range of built in stitch settings.

– Automatic bobbin winding.

– Handy compartment for keeping accessories in.


– The spool is designed mainly for smaller amounts of thread.

– You may feel frustrated if there are lots of in built stitches that you never use.


If you are in need of a durable and versatile machine that can be used for personal projects (rather than huge sewing marathons), then this is a smart choice. Brother XL2600I style= is great for sewers of all levels of experience, from beginners at embroidery to veteran quilters. It is our top pick as the Best Sewing Machine Under 100 Dollars ($100)!!!!

The Brother LS2125i–OUR 2ND CHOICE! style=

Best Sewing Machine under $100


As its name suggests, item is designed to make sewing as easy as can be. So, this is another brilliant sewing machine for people who are just starting out with their sewing.


There are 10 stitch functions built in to this machine, and they are all very useful ones. They range from zig zag stitching, for instance, to blind hems. There is also a buttonhole function which is very convenient, as buttonholes can be very tricky to get right manually. The stitch length and the width adjustment can both be set automatically, moreover, which is another very handy feature of this model. The presser feet are very responsive to the touch and so you will find that speeding up or slowing down your sewing is so simple to do. You can see why it was a strong contender for the best sewing machine under 100 dollars.


– 10 built in stitches.

– Automatic adjustments for width and stitch length.

– Durable design.


– Not such a wide range of stitches as the Sew Advance model by Brother.

– Not suitable for large industrial scale projects.


The Brother LS2125i style= is another very good entry level sewing machine, which you can keep using even when you become expert at sewing! Despite not being as fancy at the Sew Advance model reviewed above, and is probably not as good for decorative embroidery and quilting as the Sew Advance is, this is a machine that is perfect for everyday mending, hemming, and garment making projects.

SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine

Update-since we wrote this article, the Singer 2259 has crept above $100. It is still a very good deal at the price it is at right now. It would definitely make our list on our best sewing machine under $200 article!!


This sewing machine perhaps provides the middle ground between the two machines reviewed above. It has plenty of built in stitches and automatic features, and it comes from one of the other big names in the sewing machine manufacturing world!


User friendliness is the name of the game with this model by Singer. The presser feet are snap on style so you do not need to screw them in when you want to change them (as is the case with some other sewing machine models) and there are 19 in built stitches. When it comes to these built in stitch functions, you have a great variety to choose from. So whether you would like to try your hand at decorative embroidery or just some basic hemming or mending you will find just what you need on this machine. Another feature that makes this machine good for beginners is the way that threading is made easy with little arrows drawn on to the machine. These arrows help to guide you to thread the needle yourself and make something that is often still difficult for veteran sewers surprisingly easy! Another strong contender for the best sewing machine under 100 dollars!


– Snap on presser feet.

– Easy threading mechanism.

– 19 built in stitches.


– Better for beginners than intermediate or expert sewers.

– Not suitable for very large projects.


The Singer 2259 is the perfect starter machine for all kinds of people. Embroiderers, quilters, and people making their own garments will find that they have all the stitches that they require build in to the machine. Snap on feet and easy threading mechanisms make this a very easy machine to handle.

Final verdict.

All three of these machines are perfect entry level models. Whilst the Singer machine might be replaced for a more advanced machine in later years, the two products by Brother can be used by beginners, intermediate and expert sewers alike. Still, our top pick for the Best Sewing Machine Under 100 Dollars ($100) is The Brother XL2600I style=. It is the #1 selling sewing machine under 100 dollars and we can see why. It handles like a much more expensive sewing machine and really built to last. All three of these machines, moreover, have plenty of inbuilt stitches for you to play with. Whilst some people may feel that the Advance Sew model by Brother has rather too many stitches (and thus that some of them will be superfluous), the Singer model provides a happy medium.

Thanks for checking out our review of the Best Sewing Machine Under 100 Dollars. We really appreciate you stopping by!

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