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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post on the best embroidery machine for beginners or advanced users. Embroidery has been popular for decades, and there are new trends coming along every year. Embroidery is also among the most popular hobbies for people who love playing with needles. There are different kinds of embroidery machines on the market that are priced at few hundred dollars and could even cost you as much as 5000 dollars, depending on the features and the quality of the machine. Here, we have prepared a list of some embroidery machines on the market. After reading this article, I hope you will have all the information you need to purchase not only the best machine on the market, but also the best affordable embroidery machine possible!

Our Top Pick for the Best Embroidery Machine is the Brother PE770    

Of all the embroidery machines that we reviewed, our top pick is the Brother PE770. It is not only our choice for the best embroidery machine, but it is also the best selling embroidery machine on Amazon!!!!

Best Embroidery Machine

What to Look For When Choosing Your Embroidery Machine

What do you look for when you are choosing your embroidery machine? Before running out to Walmart and buying one, please read our reviews to help you with your decision. An embroidery machine enables you to create beautiful and intricate patterns with the utmost accuracy. From elegant running stitches to gorgeous French knots and floral designs that are works of art in their own right, your embroidery machine will enable you to achieve amazing effects with ease. Stitches and patterns that would take hours or even days to complete by hand can be completed in a matter of minutes when you opt to use an embroidery machine instead. Embroidery machines are great for things like adding attractive hems on pillowcases and duvet covers, as well as for adding a customized flourish to your favorite shirt or skirt. In order to get the best results from your embroidering you will, of course, need to get the best machine for you. So here, we explain what to look for when choosing your embroidery machine.

Ease of use

One of the main reasons that people choose to embroider using a machine is the fact that it makes the work of embroidery so much easier. Having a great embroidery machine takes all of the hard work and worry about constantly counting stitches out of embroidery whilst retaining all of the creative aspects of embroidering that make this past time so enjoyable. So, one key thing to look for in an embroidery machine is how easy it is to use. This is an especially important consideration for people who are beginners at machine embroidery (more on that later). Basic features to keep an eye out for in this regard include automatic needle threading, automatic tension control, auto thread cutting and quick set bobbins (which load the thread into the machine and get it ready for embroidering with as efficiently as possible). However, many computerized embroidery machines offer further features, such as LCD touch screens which you can use to type in large, intricate designs. In addition, many embroidery machines have WiFi capabilities, and this paves the way for further exciting developments, such as the ability to download a pattern to your machine straight from the internet and let the machine get to work straight away.

The Projects That You Want to Use Your Embroidery Machine For

Embroidery machines come in different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for small personal projects whilst others are perfectly capable of handling industrial levels of fabric and thread. A machine designed for occasional personal embroidery projects (such as making monogrammed handkerchiefs for friends and family that you can give as birthday gifts) will wear out more quickly if you try to use it to handle larger scale embroidery projects. So, if you would like to buy an embroidery machine that will enable you to add some cool embroidered touches to the products that you sell as part of a medium sized hand made clothing business, it is important to get a machine that is designed for this purpose. On the other hand, using a large, industrial sized embroidery machine for personal projects may well make things more difficult. These machines can often feel too unwieldy and clunky in the hands of people who just want to do a little machine embroidery for fun – especially if they are beginners in the world of embroidery. Just one of the things you would look for when choosing your embroidery machine.

Your Skill Level

If you are already proficient at sewing with a machine you may find counting stitches in your head, threading the needle and winding the bobbin a total breeze. You may even be of the opinion that it is better for you to do these tasks yourself, as you like things done your own way. However, if you are a total beginner in the world of embroidery, it is advisable to pick the best embroidery machine that makes life easy for you, allowing you to concentrate on the fun part of embroidering. If you are a beginner, you will probably want to invest in an affordable embroidery machine that is easy to set up and use, and that has a large number of automatic functions. Try and choose the best embroidery machine, moreover, that is very user friendly and intuitive to use, with just a few simple buttons to press before you can start embroidering. You never know, your beginner’s embroidery machine may end up being your companion for life. But, if you want to, you can always swap it for a more complex model in the future.

The Ergonomic Design of the Embroidery Machine

This may not seem like an essential aspect of selecting your embroidery machine, however, if you are going to spend any substantial amount of time hunched over your machine it is a good idea to ensure that it is comfortable to use. Get an affordable embroidery machine that works well with your hands, and your posture. Make sure that it will fit on your desk (or wherever you plan to do embroidery) and that if needs be it is easy to pick up and move around. When you are entering the third hour of a long and complex embroidery project, you will thank us for this little tip.

The Range of Settings on the Embroidery Machine

Many embroidery machines come with a built in memory and a variety of different settings that you can tap in to, and use to create some common designs quickly and easily. These include hems, buttonholes, collars and flowers. If you plan to use your machine to do something specific (such as embroider buttonholes for shirts) on a regular basis, then it is certainly worthwhile casting your eye quickly over the range of settings that come ready to use with your embroidery machine.

Fun fact

Now you know what to look for when purchasing your embroidery machine. But, do you know where these machines came from? We may think of embroidery machines as new inventions; and, in the case of computerized embroidery machines, this is certainly the case. However, you may be surprised to learn that the first mechanical embroidery device was created way back in the late nineteenth century. According to Wikipedia, in the 1820s, a French inventor called Josue Heilmann created a machine that could embroider a piece of fabric when a person turned its handle. So, when you purchase your new embroidery machine, you are taking part in several centuries of embroidery history. That thought will surely spur your creativity!

Our Top Picks for the Best Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery-only machine with built-in memory

The Brother PE770 is a well-facilitated embroidery machine that features plenty of space for larger designs and lettering, and also a backlit display to view and edit your designs before stitching. It features 6 lettering fonts, 136 built-in designs, 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes. Also, designs can be easily imported through a USB port or the SD card slot using appropriate storage units. The package includes a dust cover, embroidery arm, power cord, instruction manual, needle set, cleaning brush, power cord and some other must-have items. It’s backed by a 25-year limited warranty.


  • It’s one of the best-priced embroidery machines on the market that is capable of so much
  • It comes with auto thread cutter that lets you stitch and trim the threads. Also, threading of both top and bobbin is easy
  • The device is compatible with iBroidery, which allows users to download thousands of embroidery designs from, including licensed cartoon characters from Nickelodeon, Disney and much more


  • The display only offers black and white images and designs which kind of look like a blob, which makes it very hard to edit anything
  • Not being careful with the machine will require plenty of servicing, and you will be visiting the service center more often than you spend embroidering anything

The Brother PE770 is one of the best affordable embroidery machines on the market. It’s especially great for beginners who are not willing to lash out big amount of cash for higher-end models. The machine is incredibly easy to use and one of its the best features has to be the needle threader which works even better than a few big-budget machines. The product’s package consists of everything you need. Overall, it offers great value for money.

SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The XL-400 is another powerful yet affordable solution for embroidery enthusiasts. It comes with 125 built-in embroidery designs, outline lettering and five different fonts. It also comes with a SwiftSmart threading system and Drop & Sew bobbin system. A 10 by 6 inch embroidery hoop provides enough space for multi-hooping. Other styles available for this machine are the XL-550 and XL-580 and each of them feature 215 stitches. There are certain requirements for the device software to be compatible with your computer, however. Using the software on your computer allows you to combine multiple designs, customize colors, add lettering and much more in a single design.


  • It supports variety of design formats such as; VP3, FHE, PES, HUS, DS, etc.
  • It also allows speed control with forward and backward stitch buttons, which can be customized according to user’s need
  • Six stay-bright LED lights make it even easier to work by removing eye strain


  • One of the major complaints about the product has been the shipment of faulty products from the company which have caused major hassle for lots of customers
  • Thread tends to tangle on the spool stand on the machine on its path

Overall, this is a fantastic embroidery machine from Singer that can do it all. It’s not priced too much and still comes with a remarkable amount of features for smooth embroidering. Keep in mind that it’s a low-end model with limited facilities, so there are bound to be certain shortcomings, but you can’t complain too much because of its magnificent value for money.

Janome MB-4N 4 Needle Embroidery Machine

This four-needle embroidery machine from Janome is among the expensive higher-end models on the market that offers complete embroidering facilities. It comes with a powerful backlit LCD screen, auto thread cutter, and is capable of an embroidery speed up to 800spm. It allows a simple drag and drop function for easy editing. Along with four existing Janome hoops, it’s also compatible with six industry-grade Tajima hoops. The company claims the machine to be the “World’s First” four-needle embroidery machine designed for home use. If you are thinking of starting a larger embroidery business, this is our top pick for the best commercial embroidery machine.


  • It consists of a USB port, which can be used to input variety of designs through the USB stick
  • The needle threader is quite amazing, and it features easy-to-use control buttons
  • It’s meant for fast and easy embroidering with quick design picking


  • It’s really expensive, and probably out of reach for most average embroidery enthusiasts

The price tag might feel too scary for some. But if we look at the features, then this machine offers good value for money. The four-needle thread can be used for all kinds of embroidering. The backlit display allows superb view of your designs. It’s not recommended to start your embroidering hobby with this machine, even if you can afford it, though – this industry-grade machine is quite powerful and you can be assured that it’s going to last for years to come.


Choosing a best embroidery machine can get little tricky if you don’t know what you want and need. The expensive models are bound to have high-end features, but if you’re only trying to learn the art of embroidery then you might not need to spend thousands on a machine. Looking at the features and its value for money, the Brother PE770 is the best embroidery machine on our list. It is also the #1bestseller on Amazon in its category and it has rightly earned the title with its magnificent features. A similar product on our list which just fails to top the list is the SINGER Futura XL-400. It’s another affordable machine on our list that allows multi-hooping and seamless designing. It falls short when compared the number of built-in designs. Also, it’s not programmable. If you’re looking for a big-budget embroidery machine then there’s no competition to the Janome MB-4N. It’s pricy and not everyone can even think about getting it, but if you can afford it, then you are going to enjoy this product from an amateur state to a master level. Although it is a bit pricey, the Janome MB 4N is our pick for the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our reviews on the best embroidery machine!!

The Best Home Embroidery Machine

Best Home Embroidery Machine

Today, we are going to do reviews for the best home embroidery machine. We also have a surprise for you. One of the best home embroidery machines that we are going to review, is also our top choice for the best embroidery machine for beginners! Hint: The best home embroidery machine and the best embroidery machine for beginners will be different.

Our Top Pick for the Best Home Embroidery Machine is the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Of all the embroidery machines that we reviewed, our top pick for the Best Home Embroidery Machine is the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine. It was a really tough choice!!!

The Best Home Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is never a cheap pastime. It can be a potential business and it has even made it way to fashion runways. But before you get any profit, initial investment in the right product is paramount. If you are looking for the best home embroidery machine or the best embroidery machine for beginners, here’s a rundown of the top 3 embroidery options that would work in your favor. Let’s take a closer look at their features, pros and cons to help you come up with a better decision.

1. Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine with Included Rolling Carrying Case

If you want to unleash your design potential in embroidery, the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine is a great option for you. With enhanced computer connectivity, you would be able to import your designs directly from your computer without any hassle. It is fashioned with 67 sewing stiches and 98 stitch options to match your style. Some remarkable features include the built-in embroidery thread cutter, high-end needle threading system and LCD display touch screen, to name a few. Plus, it also has a fashion rolling bag to spare you from the hassle or sewing classes and workshops. It is our top pick for the Best Home Embroidery Machine!!!! Here are the pros and cons of this embroidery machine:



With its 70 specialized embroidery patterns and 98 various stitch functions, you can come up with a variety of creative fonts and patterns, depending on your personal preference.


With simple letter selection, you can now seamlessly create a customized message on any piece of cloth. Plus, the backlit LCD design memory allows you to have a clear and accurate view of your works.


Another perk of this product is that it allows you to sew even faster. Thanks to the variable speed slider.


A bit expensive

If you’re looking for a cheap embroidery option, Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway machine could not be an ideal choice for you.

Quite overwhelming for beginners

With high-end myriad of features, beginners may find it a bit overwhelming. If you really want to master it, you must focus on the manual. ‘


If you want to show your creativity in embroidery, the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine is the top option for you. With so many amazing features, you won’t have to settle for less. It is why it is our top choice for the Best Home Embroidery Machine!

2. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

If you’re looking for a versatile yet affordable embroidery machine, the Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine is a great option. This machine is designed with ideal features that make your past time easy and fun. Not to mention its custom fashion design and lettering, the 7 built-in designs are limitless. You can also choose from 5 font styles for monogramming and lettering. With 4” by 4” embroidery area, you can now embellish more custom designs to clothing. It has also computer connectivity features for seamless digital embroidery and easy-to-use touchscreen display. It is also our top pick for the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners!! Let’s take a look at its pros and cons:


Quality stitches

The high quality stitch has always been the hallmark of PE series. Make your embroidery products more awesome and long-lasting with these fine stitches.

Computer connectivity

With its computer connectivity feature, you are able to download limitless number of creative designs from the internet. Hence, creativity is the limit.


With its impressively low price at 299.95, you can now save a lot. You would surely love the price and the quality of this product. It is a very affordable embroidery machine.


Small embroidery area

This area can be ideal for small things but if you are very serious when it comes to embroidery, you might need a better machine with at least 5 x 7 embroidery area.

Embroidery only

This product is only good for embroidery. You may look for other options if you can afford a combo machine for a lower price.


Rounding up, the Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine can be a great option for newbies. It is such a great option for newbies, that it is our top pick for the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners! With its high quality stitches and computer connectivity features, among others, you can now experience an easy and fun embroidery. It has a few demerits, but outweighed by the benefits.

3. Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built-in Decorative Designs, 35 Disney Designs, 5 Fonts


If you are looking for lovely Disney embroidery design patterns, the Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built-in Decorative Designs can be an excellent bargain for you. The most appealing feature of this embroidery machine is the wide array of pre-loaded designs. To meet your creativity, there are up to 35 Disney designs you can choose from. This machine can connect with computer via USB cables. Hence, you are able to import additional designs from your PC’s. It’s also designed with LCD display with a very intuitive menu. The interface is user-friendly, packed with on-screen support and built-in languages. Below are some of the pros and cons of this machine:



Whether you are a newbie or seasoned folk in embroidery, this machine can spare you from the hassle of using magnifying glasses and tweezers. It has automatic needle threader leaving you a seamless embroidery experience.

Massive storage for embroidery designs

Unleash the beauty of your creations through a well-diversified selection of designs. This machine comes with memory card slot that expands space for all your designs.

Disney patterns

If you’re an avid fan of Disney patterns, this amazing product is the best answered prayer for you. With 35 available Disney designs, it just needs a bit of creativity and you can transform an original piece of clothing into something awesome.


A bit expensive

What you can expect from a high-end embroidery machine with 70 Built-in Decorative Designs is fine quality but at a bit higher price. This machine costs $399, so you might not actually love it especially when you are tight on budget.

Embroidery area is not ideal for hardcore professionals

If you are a beginner in embroidery, you might find the Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine a big help for you. However, if you are into a more serious embroidery business, the limited area might not be pleasing at all.


In spite of the few drawbacks, the Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine can still be a great choice for you. For Disney design lovers, this product will surely make you smile.


Well, we really hope that our reviews have helped you in making the best decision for your needs. We chose the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine as our top pick for the Best Home Embroidery Machine and we chose the Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine as our top pick for the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners.

Here is a really nice video showing the features of the Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine–our top pick for the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners!



The Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

If you are looking for the best embroidery machine for monogramming, you have come to the right place. The Brother PE770 is our choice for the best embroidery machine for monogramming and today, we are going to tell you why!!. The Brother PE770 is an embroidery machine which you can buy and achieve great success in your embroidery business. It has inbuilt memory for you to easily access embroidery designs. With the USB port, you can easily access embroidery designs which you may like to have apart from the inbuilt designs. It has 6 lettering fonts which you can use to make outstanding designs. The machine has been made to meet the latest demands in the industry. If you are among those who do embroidery, you will be assured of great success in your job after you decide to have the machine. It is easy to use; you will just read simple instructions provided and within no time you will get started. It is among the best embroidery machine for monogramming which you can buy and achieve great success in your process of trying to achieve the best. So if you are looking to start monogramming towels or monogramming baby gifts, read on!

Why The Brother PE770 is the Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming


Expansive 5 inch x 7 inch field

The expansive field makes it easy for you to have embroidery designs on a large surface area. If you will like to make embroidery designs which will occupy a large surface area, then you will be assured of great success after you decide to buy the machine. The back light LCD display screen makes it easy for you to achieve great peace of mind when working with the machine. You will achieve great peace of mind when making designs on the piece of clothes which you will be working on. The large display makes it easy for you to edit designs before you make stitches on the workplace.

136 in-built embroidery designs

You will not have to worry on where to access embroidery designs for you to start from. Even if you are a newbie in the business, you will have more than enough embroidery designs for you to choose from. The machine has been equipped with more than 136 inbuilt embroidery designs. Some of the designs you will access include beautiful floral, scroll-work, quilt patterns, 12 border styles and more than 10 frame shapes. Think of any design and you will find it on the collection of designs available in the wide category of patterns available.

Virtually unlimited design options

With the machine you will never run short of embroidery designs. You will have a wide collection of inbuilt memory designs and freedom to import others using the USB port provided. Even if you have come up with a unique design, you will easily have it stitched on your clothe after you decide to buy the machine. It has both USB port as well as memory card reader slot so that you can have any design loaded for you to start the stitching work right away. You will find it easy to purchase new designs and store them in inbuilt memory so that anytime you will like to stitch them; you will easily have them produced. You can as well have inbuilt designs edited to your specific needs. If you are among those who will like come up with unique designs, you will find the machine very helpful.

Extensive design editing

The Brother PE770 offers users great freedom when it comes to editing designs. You will easily achieve in rotating the image before you stitch it. You can as well perform other functions such as increase or decrease the size of the image. You can as well use the large back lit LCD for you to see how the edited image will look like before you stitch it. There are no functions which the machine cannot perform when it comes to editing designs. You will have freedom of stitching the best mirror image which your customers will appreciate. The Brother PE770 is perfect for monogramming towels or monogramming baby gifts.

Reliable and easy to use

The machine is easy to use. You can perform both bobbin and threading using the machine. For consistent stitching and precision, the machine has auto thread cutter features. Brother PE770 has been made to meet almost all needs of a person who will like to make beautiful stitches.


Well, we hope you enjoyed our post on the best embroidery machine for monogramming. We also hope that the information above has given you the information needed to purchase the right embroidery machine for your needs. The Brother PE770 is our top pick for the best embroidery machine for monogramming!! So if you are looking to start monogramming towels and monogramming baby gifts, you have come to the right place.

The Best Monogramming Software for Your Embroidery Machine



Are you in search of the best monogramming software?  Are you looking to start monogramming towels or monogramming baby gifts? Are you out there looking for a way to make the best use of your embroidery skills? Do want to scale up your production by including more designs in your embroidery work? Look no further since the Brother ELS Package is a sure solution to your needs. With ELS Lettering, you are in a position to have many of the current file formats imported or exported for use in the lettering. The software can import or export file formats without requiring extra programs to change the formatting. Below are even more features of the Brother ELS Package. This can help you make your embroidery machine purchasing decision very easy. It will also show you why it is our top pick for the best monogramming software on the market.  


The Brother ELS Package has a number of features that make it quite an invaluable resource in the embroidery industry. The main and outstanding features which have made the software earn its top place in the market include the following:  

The Ease of the Click and Type Feature.

This feature is geared towards enhancing the speed at which the users of the software get to use the Brother ELS Package. With this feature, the users get to instantly engage in the lettering process, hence this software proves to include a huge time-saving factor.  

The Availability of Editing and Customizing Options

This software’s functionality and uniqueness is centered on the creation of options for its users. With this option, an embroider can have unique effects they created on their lettering projects. The goal to have a variety of products can be easily obtained.  

The Availability of Built-in Parameters

In the case where an embroider wants to have the lettering done based on a given design, this is definitely the software you need. With this feature, the embroiderer gets to set the parameters for the designs they want to create. This feature could also prove to be of use when it is necessary to have a number of products created based a single set of parameters.  

The Selection of Hoops are Built-in

The embroiderers with machine formats in sizes of up to five inches by seven inches will find this feature quite relevant to them.  

A Number of Color Palettes

The listed color palettes that the users of the Brother ELS Package are entitled to include the following: Robinson, Madeira, Sulky and Brother.      

The Pros of the Brother ELS Embroidery Monogramming Software

There are a number of advantages that are listed about this software. All of which are proof of how relevant it is in the embroidery lettering industry and why we chose it for the best monogramming software. The major ones include the following:

Availability of a Number of Fonts

The embroidery lettering software has 20 pre-digitized fonts. This presents users with a number of options to work with, translating to more opportunities for users to come up with a variety of products. Coupling this with the five monogram styles coming with the Brother ELS Package, any user of the embroidery software is granted the liberty to get creative.  

Many Decorative Monogram Frames

A second outstanding advantage of this software is the availability of more than 40 decorative monogram frames. This goes on to add to the plentiful options for software users to get creative by presenting them a number of options. The decorative monogram frames are coupled up with three pre-existing styles and an additional 14 decorative fill patterns. An embroiderer is generally entitled to limitless imagination and creation of unique products for sale with a number of decorative monogram frames.  

Genuine Software and Accessories

The purchase of the Brother ELS Embroidery Lettering Monogramming Software at a genuine store grants a buyer peace of mind that their product is legitimate. This also goes for the available accessories that are available for purchase along with this embroidery lettering monograming software.  

Compatibility With Most Machines

The last but not least advantage is compatibility of this software with almost any available embroidery machine. It would be quite disappointing to purchase this embroidery lettering monogramming software only to realize that the software is not compatible with their embroidery machine. Its manufacturers have this issue taken care of this. There are very few chances of the software not working with your embroidery machine, if it supports such software. Please check if you are unsure if this will work with your embroidery machine.  

The Cons of the Brother ELS Embroidery Monogramming Software

As with all products, there are some of disadvantages that are associated with the use of the software which are listed below.

The Operating System  

The Brother ELS is limiting in nature since the only users of the software have to ensure that their computers have pre-specified operating systems. The only available options for use with this software are Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Users having lower versions of windows have to make upgrades to be able to install the Brother ELS Package. Those who don’t any version of the Microsoft Windows software’s listed have to purchase them.  

A Computer and Internet are Necessary

This goes for starters who may find this product interesting to them. In the case that they lack a computer, this would mean that they first purchase a suitable computer in order use this software. In order to access the license, internet access is required.  

The Mouse to Operate the Software

The Brother ELS Package upon installation requires a mouse to operate. Thus, the purchase of a mouse in the case of the embroider not having one already will be an extra-cost factor to them.  


The Brother ELS is a pertinent resource to its users. It is an easy to use software that presents quite a number of features to embroider who are out to create a variety of products for sale. The availability of a number of fonts, the decorative monogram frames and the compatibility to almost any available machine make this software quite resourceful. It ensures that its users have limitless creativity options and that they achieve their desired outcomes in time. The built-in software options such as pre-existing designs and the availability of the options to do customization to designs are also lucrative features of the software. Now you see why we chose it for the best monogramming software.   A number of technical options must be considered. A user of the software must ensure that they have a computer. A good internet connection for the license activation is also needed. Also, a mouse to operate the software and specific Microsoft Windows versions is needed.  

Possible alternatives

You may have had a bad experience with this software or heard of a bad experience through word of mouth. In that case, we have a couple of other possibilities for you. The possible alternatives for the Brother ELS Package are Amazing Designs Monogram It, Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 2 and Janome Digitizer Jr. V3.0. These are manufactured by different companies, but all use the same logic to achieve the desired goal.   The Amazing Designs Monogram It Software is a stand-alone software designed to work with a number of embroidery machines. It allows for the rotation of designs, change of colors and the addition of embroidery to a monogram to create unique designs.   The Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 2 Software has a reliable digitizing software for embroidery tasks. Mac and Windows computers both support the software.   The Janome Digitizer Jr. V3.0 Software on the other hand is very compatible to a number of embroidery machines. This software allows it users to access free online lessons available in their websites. This is in case they lack experience in this field.  


The creators of the embroidery software programs listed above have managed to give their best in relation to satisfaction of the needs of the customers and user. Each software program also has its unique advantages. Which on their own may make a user prefer each of them independently. The final question is which beats them all? The Brother Embroidery Lettering Monogramming Software is the best monogramming software option to go with. The Brother ELS Package builds its uniqueness in catering for all the needs of the embroiders. This basically means that the Brother ELS Package can do all that all the other software programs can do. With the exception of functioning in Mac devices. The Brother ELS Package thus presents the best value for your money. Since it delivers the best service, offers the widest range of creativity options and for the best price in the market. That makes it the best monogramming software to-go-with option at any given instance. We hope you found our review informative and we also really appreciate you stopping by our website.

The Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business Use

Are you planning to start an embroidery business but don’t want to purchase one of those expensive commercial embroidery machines? If yes. then you need an embroidery machine is reliable and efficient. There are many different types of embroidery machines on the market all of which claim to deliver quality services. However not all them do deliver as they promise. If you are tired of constant disappointments or if you want to take your embroidery business to the next level, you need to buy an embroidery machine that has been designed to deliver quality results. Brother PE770 5×7 inch embroidery machine has been designed to deliver quality services. It has amazing features that will enable you to stitch unique designs that will stand out from your competitors. In this article, we are going to review this machine by discussing its features, advantages and disadvantages to help you know why it is one of the best embroidery machine for home business.

Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery-only Machine


· Expansive 5 x 7 inch field
Embroidery can only be done well if you have ample space. If there is one machine that knows that better is PE770. It has large surface area that allows you to create lager lettering and monograms, a factor that will allow you to create unique large designs. Large space will also allow you to be more creative when creating your own designs.
· Large backlit touch screen display
This embroidery machine features a 1.4” x 2.7” LCD touch screen display that will enable you to access sophisticated designs and editing features. The big display will enable you to comfortably read what the machine is showing without struggling. It also enable you to navigate easily.
· Built in memory
This is one of the few embroidery machines that has in built memory that allows you to store designs that you have purchased from site such as ibroiderycom. In addition to that, this feature allows you to download updates of this machine to ensure that you are up to date with the latest embroidery techniques.
· Sophisticated design editing features
This is one of the few embroidery machines that is equipped with sophisticated editing features that allows you to increase or decrease the size of your design , mirror image , rotate as well as edit your designs looks on the huge LCD display. This will enable you to come up with perfect designs that will please your clients.
· Compatible with iBroidery
The fact that PE770 is compatible with ibroidery means that you will have the chance to access and purchase thousands of fabulous and exclusive embroidery designs on . You will have variety of option to choose from including accessing licensed characters from Disney, Nickelodeon as well as designs from Brother design library. Having access to all these designs will enable you to give quality services to your clients.
· Embroidery card slot
PE770 features embroidery card slot that allows you to stitch designs for Brother embroidery cards.
· Auto thread trimmer
With just a touch of a button, the upper and lower threads can cut for you, a factor that will help you save a lot of time.
· Easy threading
This machine allows you to thread without spending so much effort. All that you need to do to follow the instructions that has been printed on the machine and you are good to go.


· Easy to use
Unlike other embroidery machines that are very difficult to use, PE770 has straight forward manuals that are very easy to follow and use. In addition to that, all its manuals have been placed strategically for easy use.
· Durable
This machine has been made with quality materials that are durable. If well taken care off, this machine that can serve you for many years.
· Creative design
If you want to stay on top of the game, you must produce unique and quality designs. With all amazing features that this machine has such as access to, you will be able to create designs that will make you stand out from your competitors.


· Expensive
Although this machine has amazing features, many customers have complained that it is a bit expensive when compared to other embroidery machines.

The Best Hat Embroidery Machine

We think the Brother PE770 is the best hat embroidery machine for starting a business. Sure, you could purchase a very expensive commercial embroidery machine, but for starting a business, and keeping your costs low, go with the Brother PE770. Here is a great video showing you how to embroider a hat with the Brother PE770.

Why is the Brother PE770 the Best Hat Embroidery Machine For a Home Business

Hat embroidery is an ever-evolving industry, with new trends coming up every year. It is also considered to be one of the most popular hobbies for people who have a particular affection for needles. Today, there are various kinds of hat embroidery machines available on the market that range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars based on the features and quality of the machine. After doing our reviews and research, here is why the Brother PE770 embroidery machine is the best hat embroidery machine on the market today!!

How to do hat embroidery with a Brother PE770 embroidery machine

• With its wide 130 mm x 180 mm embroidery field, you can stitch unique designs that are appropriate for hats. The machine also provides you more space to combine and rotate your designs, frames, lettering and borders for that truly, one-of-a-kind creation.
• For your designs, you can choose from its in-built library, which consists of 136 designs or use the USB port to import more designs from a memory stick. The PE770 also provides a built-in-memory system which allows you to save your designs for future use. This is ideal for home based embroiderers and those interested in starting a business.
• With its easy to use, backlit, LCD, touchscreen, you can access sophisticated designs and other editing features that are easy to navigate.
• The PE7770 has 6 lettering fonts and built-in embroidery designs that you can use for hats. Some of the designs up for use include floral, 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes.
• You can also use its design editing feature to increase or decrease the size of your designs. These include rotate and mirror image features. In addition, you can view your edited hat design right on the LCD display before you decide to start stitching.
• You can store your designs in the machines until you are ready to use them again. You simply need to select your design, preview it on the LCD display and start to embroider.
• You can also use the PE770 for importing and updating designs to your machine.
• For easy threading, simply follow the numbered threading diagram that is displayed on the machine. With the auto-needle threader, the threading will pushed directly through the eye of the needle.
• The PE770 also has a quick set drop-in-bobbin where you can drop it in, push the thread through the slot, and then start sewing.
• For super-bright work light, use the LED light to illuminate the needle area. This is particularly useful when embroidering on dark hats.
• For further instructions and help, you can check out the built-in tutorials available on the LCD touch screen display. Some of the topics addressed include how to insert the embroidery arm, thread the machine and a whole lot more.

Features of the Brother PE770 for hat embroidery

• It is considered to be one of the most affordable embroidery machines currently available on the market that comes with a wide variety of features.
• The PE770 comes with an auto-thread cutter that allows you to trim and stretch the threads. In addition, threading of the top and bobbin is fairly easy.
• The PE770 works with iBroidery which enables users to download hundreds of embroidery designs from; these include licensed cartoon characters from big names such Disney, Nickelodeon and various other brands.
The PE770 is practically one of the most affordable and the best hat embroidery machines currently being sold in the market today. It is particularly good for beginners since it incredibly easy to use.
Here is a great video on how to do hat embroidery with the Brother PE770

Other Embroidery Home Business Ideas!

Embroidering Onesies– This is a business idea that we came across just recently. What a great idea!! We think the Brother PE770 is a perfect machine for embroidering onesies.
Here is a great video showing how to embroider onesies with a Brother PE770

Embroidering Aprons-every good barbeque chef needs one!
Embroidering Towels-another great home business idea.
These are just a couple of ideas for you. I am sure with some research, you could come up with a lot more. Or, you already have your own business idea!!!
I know we are starting to sound like a broken record (oh no, we are starting to show our age!) talking about the Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery-only Machine but it is the best embroidery machine on the market today. If you are looking for the best embroidery machine for business use, you need buy a machine that is up to the task. The PE770 has amazing features that will enable you create amazing and unique designs that will impress your clients. Thanks for stopping by our website!


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    I read everything on this post…Thank You. It was a GREAT help. I am definitely considering the Brother PE770 as my next purchase.

    • Dawn says:

      Your welcome, Merlis. I am glad you found our website helpful. Don’t forget to order through our site!! Thanks again for stopping by.

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